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As a construction equipment manufacturer specializing in the crane business. Kobelco Cranes Co., Ltd. develops appealing products while striving to strengthen its global foundation. Building on previously amassed technologies and brand strength, Kobelco Cranes continues to expand on the global stage.

  • Crawler Cranes: Standard crawler cranes (lifting capacity of 35 to 200 metric tons), Ultra-large crawler cranes (lifting capacity of 300 to 800 metric tons), Telescopic boom crawler cranes
  • Wheel Cranes: Rough terrain cranes, mini rough terrain cranes, lattice boom wheel cranes, all terrain cranes
  • Base Machines for Civil Engineering & Foundation Work: Pile drivers, equipment for trench cutting re-mixing deep wall (TRD) method, Equipment for dry jet mixing (DJM) method
  • Work Vessels: Grab-crane barges, floating cranes, grab dredgers

Crawler Crane Mastertech-G Series

Crawler Cranes

Rough terrain crane

Rough Terrain Cranes

All terrain crane

All Terrain Cranes

Crawler Crane

Large-sized Crawler Cranes

Crawler Cranes


Kobelco Cranes offers a broad array of crawler cranes of various sizes.Large models are for building long-span bridges, wind, thermal and nuclear power plants and other large-scale structures, while small- and medium-sized models boast truly all-round capabilities backed by heavy-duty and advanced control features. Kobelco also offers the BM Series base machines for civil and foundation work. These reliable machines demonstrate their strengths in all situations.

Wheel Cranes


Kobelco’s city conscious cranes are designed for work in urban construction, as opposed to undeveloped terrain.Not only do they maintain the lifting capacity expected of cranes, they also feature an original slant boom and compactness based on a layout that places the engine in the upper frame. This Good Design Award winner has earning an excellent reputation for its design, which matches the urban landscape.

Base Machines for Civil Engineering and Foundation Work


Kobelco Cranes offers a variety of machines for foundation work, including pile drivers featuring great power and speed.

Work Vessels


Kobelco Cranes offers dredgers as well as grab-crane barges incorporating original technologies to overcome harsh operating conditions at sea.