Core Values of KOBELCO

Other Businesses

The Kobe Steel Group pursues an extensive range of businesses that are being continuously refined through repeated selection and concentration. Combining technologies and services from these different businesses in order to identify new value is integral to the Identity of the Kobe Steel Group.


Shinsho Corporation
As the core trading company of the Kobe Steel Group, Shinsho Corporation supports high addedvalue manufacturing through creative business development. Shinsho is especially active in growth fields such as resources, information systems, energy and the environment. It is helping to advance the global development of the Kobe Steel Group with business locations in 17 countries worldwide.

Shinko Real Estate

Shinko Real Estate
Shinko Real Estate Co., Ltd. is the Kobe Steel Group's core lifestyle support company. Shinko's businesses include the G-clef condominium brand, detached home sales and rentals, brokerage, renovation, operational management of public facilities, insurance services and more. Shinko contributes to customer lifestyles and peace of mind through trustworthy and reliable products and services.

Kobelco Research Institute

Kobelco Research Institute. Inc
Kobelco Research Institute, Inc. (KRI) carries out material and structural analysis, trials, physical analysis and other services. KRI also manufactures and sells target materials and test equipment for fields such as semiconductors, FPD and solar power, develops special materials, and otherwise maximizes in-company synergy to support manufacturing.

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