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2.1 Flatness Indication System (FI)

Product Summary

Flatness Indication system detects the range of strip tension with the Seamless roller which is included high sensitive crystal piezoelectric element and calculate flatness of strip.

We have designed and manufactured the "FI" system under license of BFI, Germany since 1984.

Main Features of Flatness Indication Roller

[Seam-less Solid Type Sensor Roller]

[Seam-less Solid Type Sensor Roller]

Seam-less Solid Type Sensor Roller
  • Seam-less Solid Type Roller (No hole & no slit on roller surface)
  • Variable roller diameter and sensor distance
  • Surface treatment available on request
  • High accuracy and response
  • High strength and wide temperature range
  • Highly reliable communication system by non-contact position transmitter

Main Features of control system

[FI Monitor]

FI Monitor
  • Variable application from Sensing to MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Corresponding to variable production process
  • System configuration: future expandability, availability

Typical arrangement

Example of installation


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