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Fixed Speed Drive Compressor SHα Series


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KOBELCO Screw Refrigeration Compressors Always Leading the Times

As a pioneer of screw refrigeration compressors, KOBELCO has taken the lead in the industrial all along, responding to customer's needs always with innovative ideas and proposals. As the new generational of conventional fixed speed drive model SH series, KOBELCO has developed iZ series in 2002, the world first Integral Two Stage Inverter Drive Freon Screw Compressor condensing units with higher cooling capacity than ever before. This series was followed in 2003 by iZα series of an epoch making non-ozone-depleting compressor condensing unit models using refrigerant R404A. iZαⅡ series is iZα series second generation equipped with "New iZ monitor"

With maximized freezing capacity combined with outstanding energy-saving performance in an unheard-of way, iZα series compressor condensing units are being highly acclaimed by customers. KOBELCO's unique theory and technology (patent acquired) that backed iZ and iZα series have received high praise in various industrial circles, being granted the Technology Award from the Japan Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers and the Japan Machinery Federation's Best Energy-saving Equipment Award.

We pursue untiring efforts towards development of earth-friendly products and continue being all attentions to our customer's voice so that we can offer such safe products that can be used with peace of mind while meeting the diversified needs of customers.

Refrigerant R404A does not deplete the OZONE layer.

Since the production of specified ozone-depleting HCFC-based refrigerants (R22) began to be sharply reduced in 2004 and will be completely banned in 2020, a prompt shift to non-ozone-depleting HFC refrigerants is required for compressor condensing units. With zero ozone depleting potential, R404A is a new, environment-friendly HFC refrigerant.

Refrigerant R404A does not deplete the OZONE layer.

The new HFC refrigerant 404A is similar to the conventional HCFC refrigerant 22 in pressure property and easy to use.

Refrigerant compositio ODP Saturation pressure Toxicity Safety
Blended refrigerant
(Pseudo-azeotropic mixture)
(HFC125: 143a: 134a=44: 52: 4 wt%)
zero 2.3MPa Non-toxic
Non-blended refrigerant(100 wt%) 0.055 1.9MPa Non-toxic

* The above saturation pressure values are measured at standard condensation temperature of 50°C.

BASIC features of SHα Series

Quiet operation achieved by Kobelco's low-noise technology in every possible aspect
High Performance
Operation efficiency maximized by Kobelco's original profile super rotors
Continuous operation for 24,000 hours ensured
Labor saving
Labor-saved routine inspections available
Compact in size
Space saving ensured by downsized unit design



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