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Kobelco Welding Today Special Editions

Kobelco Welding Today Special Editions

Low temperature steel

Products Spotlight

  • A Quick Guide to Suitable Welding Consumables
  • familiarcDW-55E, familiarcDW-A55E
  • trustarcDW-55L, trustarcDW-A55L
  • trustarcDW-55LSR, trustarcDW-A55LSR
  • trustarcDW-A81Ni1
  • trustarcDW-62L, trustarcDW-A62L
  • trustarcDW-A80L
  • trustarcMX-A80L
  • trustarcLB-52NS
  • trustarcNB-1SJ
  • trustarcLB-62L
  • trustarcLB-65L
  • trustarcLB-80L

Heat-resistant low-alloy steel

Products Spotlight

  • A Quick Guide to Suitable Welding Consumables
  • trustarc CM-A96
  • trustarc CM-A96MB
  • trustarc TG-S1CM
  • trustarc TG-S80B2
  • trustarc PF-200D/US-B2R
  • trustarc G-80/US-B2
  • trustarc MG-S80B2F
  • trustarc CM-A106N
  • trustarc CM-A105D
  • trustarc TG-S2CM
  • trustarc TG-S90B3
  • trustarc MG-S2CMS
  • trustarc CM-A96MBD, PF-200D/US-511ND, CM-A106ND, PF-200D/US-521S
  • trustarc CM-A106H, PF-500/US-521H, CM-A106HD, PF-500D/US-521HD, TG-S2CMH
  • trustarc CM-9Cb, TG-S9Cb, CM-96B9, CM-95B9, TG-S90B9
  • trustarc CM-2CW, trustarc TG-S2CW
  • trustarc CR-12S & TG-S12CRS

Stainless steel

Kobelco Welding Today 3rd Special Edition: Stainless steel

Products Spotlight

  • A Quick Guide to Suitable Welding Consumables for Stainless Steel
    • Tips for Selecting Appropriate Welding Consumables
  • premiarcDW-308L
    • Basic characteristics of DW-308L
    • What makes DW-308L a new generation wire?
  • premiarcDW-308LP
    • Basic characteristics of DW-308LP
    • What makes DW-308LP a new generation wire?
  • premiarcDW-316L
    • Basic characteristics of DW-316L
    • What makes DW-316L an advanced wire?
  • premiarcDW-316LP
    • Basic characteristics of DW-316LP
    • What makes DW-316LP an advanced wire?
  • premiarcDW-309L
    • Basic characteristics of DW-309L
    • What welding applications need DW-309L
  • premiarcDW-309LP
    • Basic characteristics of DW-309LP
    • In what kinds of joints DW-309LP shines
  • premiarcDW-309MoL & DW-309MoLP
    • The Indispensable FCWs for Dissimilar Metal Welding in Desalination Plants, Chemical Tankers and Paper Mills
  • premiarcDW-308H, DW-308LH, DW-316H, DW-316LH
    • The H-series DW stainless steel flux-cored wires shine in high-temperature applications
  • premiarcDW-329A & DW-329AP
    • What is duplex stainless steel?
    • The unsurpassed performance of KOBELCO duplex stainless flux-cored wires
  • premiarcMX-A430M
    • MX-A430M is an Unsurpassed FCW for Cr Stainless Steel Welding
      1. Higher Burn-through Resistance
      2. Better Root-gap-bridging Ability
      3. Superior Crack Resistance
      4. Excellent Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance
  • premiarcTG-X308L, TG-X309L, TG-X316L, TG-X347
    • How TG-X filler rods can eliminate back shielding
    • How TG-X filler rods can cut costs for gas purging and back shielding
    • Chemical and microscopic properties of root pass welds
    • Tips for using TG-X filler rods
  • premiarcNC-38L
    • Inception of NC-38L
    • Basic characteristics of NC-38L
    • Outstanding features of NC-38L
    • Highly reputed for nearly 40 years
    • Tips for better results with NC-38L
  • premiarcNC-36L
    • The birth of NC-36L
    • Basic characteristics of NC-36L
    • What NC-36L offers
    • Why NC-36L has lived so long
    • Tips for better results with NC-36L
  • premiarcNC-39L
    • Essential characteristics of NC-39L
    • What features does NC-39L offer?
    • What kinds of joints need NC-39L
    • Key points in dissimilar metal welding

Mild steel and 490MPa HT steel

Kobelco Welding Today Vol.14 No.1 2011

Products Spotlight

  • A Quick Guide to Suitable Welding Consumables for Mild Steel and 490MPa High Tensile Strength Steel
    • Tips for successful welding results
  • familiarcDW-100
    • Inception of DW-100
    • Outstanding features
    • A leader of flux-cored wire
    • A variety of applications
    • New things in the traditional
  • familiarcMX-200
    • Basic characteristics
    • How shop primer causes porosity
    • Advantages characteristics
    • Suitable for automatic welding
  • familiarcMX-100
    • Inception of MX-100
    • Unsurpassed features
  • familiarcMX-A100
    • Fundamental properties
    • High productivity welding
  • familiarcMX-100T
    • More resistant to burn-through
    • Wider toleration of welding currents
    • Superior bead profiles
  • familiarcMG-51T
    • Steady short-circuiting at low currents
    • How to create steady short-circuiting
    • How to adjust weld penetration
    • Outstanding wire-feeding and seam-tracking for higher welding efficiency
    • MG-51T shines in auto parts fabrication
  • familiarcRB-26
    • Inception of RB-26
    • Is RB-26 old-fashioned?
    • RB-26 is superior to other E6013 electrodes on performance
    • How RB-26 is of international
    • Committed to quality and customer satisfaction
    • Something new in the traditional
  • familiarcLB-52U
    (1) Excellent Usability in All-position Welding
    (2) Superior Crack Resistance and Mechanical Properties
    (3) Field-proven Electrode in Worldwide Markets
  • familiarcLB-52-18
    • Inception of LB-52-18
    • High deposition rate
    • Outstanding features
    • Highly reputed for 45 years
  • familiarcLB-52
    • Inception of LB-52
    • Outstanding features
    • Highly reputed for 50 years
  • familiarcB-14
    • A history of ilmenite type electrodes
    • What characteristics highlight B-14
    • Tips for better weld results with B-14
  • familiarcTG-S50
    • Basic characteristics
    • Excellent qualities
  • familiarcTG-S51TM
    • Fundamental properties
    • Suitable for extended PWHT applications
  • familiarcNO65G
    • Basic characteristics
    • Key points in TIG welding of pipes
  • familiarcMF-38/US-36
    • Basic properties
    • Outstanding features
    • Tips for successful welding results

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