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Kobe Steel to celebrate its 100th anniversary
June 29, 2005

Kobe Steel will mark its 100th anniversary on September 1, 2005.

In appreciation to those who have supported the Kobe Steel Group for many years and looking forward to making a leap to a new era, the company will host special anniversary events this year.

The centennial activities include hosting a classical concert, establishing a donation fund, improving the Nadahama Rugby ground, which is also used by the community, and expanding the exhibits at its R&D laboratories. At its offices and other locations in Japan, Kobe Steel is planning such activities as donating books to libraries and inviting local residents to festivals held at its plants.

In growing its business for the next century, the Kobe Steel Group intends to further integrate its wide-ranging operations. To symbolize this move, Kobe Steel, on its 100th anniversary, plans to unify the corporate mark used among its group companies.

Kobe Steel was founded on September 1, 1905, when Suzuki Shoten, a major trading firm at that time, purchased the Kobe-based steel firm Kobayashi Seikosho and renamed it Kobe Seikosho (Kobe Steel Works). In 1911, it was incorporated as K.K. Kobe Seikosho (Kobe Steel Works, Ltd.) and became independent from Suzuki Shoten.

Starting as a steel casting and forging manufacturer, Kobe Steel expanded into steelmaking. It also added aluminum and copper as well as machinery to its business activities. Kobe Steel became an integrated steelmaker in 1959, contributing to Japan's high economic growth.

With 275 companies and 27,122 employees, the Kobe Steel Group covers a broad spectrum of segments including Iron and Steel, Wholesale Electricity Supply, Aluminum and Copper, Machinery, Construction Machinery and Real Estate. Consolidated sales in fiscal 2004 totaled 1.44 trillion yen.

Thanks to the support and guidance from shareholders, local residents, customers, business partners, and others, Kobe Steel has made steady progress over the past 100 years. The company has overcome many challenges, most recently the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995.

On its 100th anniversary, the company extends its gratitude to those who have supported its development. Looking to the future, the Kobe Steel Group aims to become an enterprise more highly valued by society and customers.

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