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Sustainability Report 2007
Overview of the Kobe Steel Group
The Kobe Steel Group is active in many different fields, including iron and steel, welding, aluminum and copper, industrial and construction machinery, engineering, environmental services, wholesale power supply, real estate and electronic materials. While supplying society with trusted technologies, products and services, we seek to enhance the Group's overall corporate value by concentrating on high-end, "Only One" products and staying true to our commitment to skilled manufacturing.
Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Company name
Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Group-wide corporate logo
September 1, 1905
Incorporated June 28, 1911
President Yasuo Inubushi
Capitalization ¥233.3 billion
(As of March 31, 2007)
Sales Consolidated ¥1,910.2 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Non-consolidated ¥1,154.7 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Employees Consolidated: 31,828
(As of March 31, 2007)
Non-consolidated: 9,048
(As of March 31, 2007, excluding personnel on loan)
Consolidated subsidiaries and equity-valued affiliates 215 (as of March 31, 2007)
Fiscal 2006 Consolidated Segment Sales
(in billions of yen)
Fiscal 2006 Consolidated Segment Sales (in billions of yen)
Iron & Steel Segment
With a focus on steel products, this sector produces castings and forgings, titanium, and steel powder. It continues to expand its business operations and production systems, while enhancing product development and diversification and entering a wide variety of materials-related fields. In addition, the welding consumables it manufactures with advanced technologies have earned high marks for quality and reliability both in Japan and abroad.
Main products Steel wire rod and bar, steel sheet, steel plate, steel castings and forgings, titanium, steel powder, welding consumables, welding systems
¥830.6 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Operating income
¥94.5 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Main production centers
Kakogawa Works, Kobe Works, Takasago Works, Ibaraki Plant, Saijo Plant, Fujisawa Industrial Operations
Group Companies 61
Aluminum and Copper Segment
The Kobe Steel Group is one of the world's leading producers of aluminum and copper products. Using proprietary technologies based on ongoing research and development, we continue to further improve product quality and contribute to the evolution of society.

Main products

Aluminum sheet, aluminum extrusions and processed products, aluminum alloy and magnesium allow castings and forgings, copper sheet, strip and tube.
Sales ¥397.3 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Operating income
¥34.6 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Main production centers Moka Plant, Chofu Works, Daian Plant
Group companies 29
Machinery Segment
The Machinery and Engineering Company engages in a wide range of machinery-related businesses in the ferrous, nonferrous, energy, chemical and environmental fields. Building on decades of experience, we supply everything from turnkey plants to single pieces of equipment, using advanced technologies, value-added products and services to satisfy the diversifying needs of our clients.
Main products Tire and rubber machinery, metalworking machinery, physical vapor deposition systems, plastic processing machinery, compressors, refrigerator compressors, energy equipment, nuclear power equipment, various kinds of plants (steelmaking, energy, environmental, etc.), advanced transit systems, cooling towers
¥280.9 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Operating income
¥22.1 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Main production centers Takasago Works, Harima Plant
Group companies 43
Construction Machinery Segement
Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (which focuses on the manufacture and sale of hydraulic excavators) and Kobelco Cranes Co., Ltd. (which focuses on the manufacture and sale of cranes) develop original products, that in a synergistic relationship, makes the Kobe Steel Group a comprehensive construction machinery manufacturer.
Main products Civil engineering and construction machinery, environmental recycling equipment; crawler cranes, wheeled cranes, civil engineering and foundation machinery
¥285.3 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Operating income
¥14.8 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Main production centers Hiroshima Factory
(Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.)
Okubo Plant (Kobelco Cranes Co., Ltd.)
Group companies 45
Wholesale Power Supply Segment
Shinko Kobe Power Station is a new-style urban power plant that operates in harmony with the local community. It has become the center of attention as the largest wholesale energy supplier in Japan.
Generating capacity 1,400,000 kW
¥66.8 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Operating income ¥18.0 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Generator type Coal-fired thermal power
Total construction cost Approximately ¥200 billion
Group companies 1
Real Estate Segment
Shinko Real Estate Co., Ltd. engages in comprehensive real estate activities ranging from development to non-asset management and other services.
Main activities Condominiums, rental properties, agent services, renovation, building management
¥41.3 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Operating income ¥5.3 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Main operation centers Head Office of Shinko Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Kobe); Tokyo Branch; Osaka Branch; Kakogawa Branch
Group companies 9
Electronic Materials and Other Businesses Segment
Kobelco Research Institute, Inc. has a high share of the LCD target material market and is showing good results in other fields, including semiconductor and LCD inspection equipment.

Main Activities (Kobelco Research Institute, Inc.)

Analysis and measurement of various kinds of materials; manufacture and sale of inspection equipment for target material and semiconductors
Sales ¥63.5 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Operating income ¥14.3 billion (Fiscal 2006)
Other operations Shinko JFE Industrial Co., Ltd. (manufacture and sale of high-pressure gas vessels, etc.); Shinsho Corporation (purchase, sale, import and export of ferrous and nonferrous metals and various kinds of machinery), etc.
Group companies 27