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Environmental Management
Sustainability Report 2007
Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility
With rapid globalization, corporate mergers and restructurings, and increasing concern for the global environment, business conditions and public attitudes toward corporations are undergoing major change. In this context, the Kobe Steel Group is working in various ways to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and serve its stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders, investors, administrative agencies, employees, and local communities.
Toward the Further Promotion of CSR
Kobe Steel drew up a Corporate Code of Ethics and has always endeavored to earn and keep the confidence of its stakeholders. With our recent adoption of a new Group corporate philosophy, we have recommitted ourselves to further promoting Group-wide CSR activities with the aim of achieving sustainable development both for the Group itself and for society as a whole and of increasing stakeholder satisfaction.

In 2006 we established the Group's basic CSR principles and set up the CSR Committee to provide central control of all CSR activities. The promotion of CSR is identified as a priority in our Fiscal 2006-2008 Medium-Term Business Plan. While systematically promoting CSR activities, the Committee will report in various ways to all interested parties concerning the progress being made.
CSR Committee(April 2006)
CSR Committee (April 2006)
CSR Promotion Structure
CSR Promotion Structure