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Environmental Management
Sustainability Report 2007
4. Cooperation with the Local Community
The Kobe Steel Group works actively with all levels of society on environmental as well as other issues, contributing to local communities and promoting international cooperation.
Supporting Environmental Activities
The Kobelco Natural Environment Conservation Charitable Trust Fund and the Kobelco Environment Creation Fund were set up in 2001 to support people and groups involved in environmental conservation activities.

These funds are directed beyond the Kobe Steel Group of companies, and provide support for a wide range of conservation efforts at community level.

The Kobelco Natural Environment Conservation Charitable Trust Fund, held at the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank, is for the support of locally based environmental conservation activities undertaken by ordinary people. In 2006 it assisted a total of 30 different projects including conservation of rural landscapes, environmental studies, encounters with nature, and forestry volunteering.

The Kobelco Environment Creation Fund was set up to support relatively large-scale environmental conservation activities with greater future vision. In 2006 it was used to fund international cooperation efforts in forestry regeneration in Mongolia, which were undertaken by the Hyogo Environmental Advancement Association.
Main Activities Assisted by Kobelco Natural Environment Conservation Charitable Trust Fund in 2006
Organization assisted Outline of activities in Hyogo Prefecture
Kenji Miyazawa Seminar Shinoyama Steering Committee Workshops and panel discussions to study environmental issues through the stories of Kenji Miyazawa
Earth Pal KOBE Activities to study environmental issues such as global warming and energy-saving and to educate others
Daiichi no Wa Network Planting and nurturing young hardwood trees in Asago
Tamatsu Daiichi branch of Kobe Youth Support Council Preparation of environment (cleaning up, cutting grass, etc.) to create places for relaxation and encounters with nature around Kobe's Tamatsu Daiichi Primary School
West Harima Children's Nature Classroom Wildlife observation, mushroom cultivation, handicrafts, environmental surveys and study for primary school children and their parents
Kisumi Council to Promote Local Activities Local environmental conservation activities centered on biotope water channels in Kisumi, Ono
Mt. Rokko Nature Conservation Center Group Setting up and cleaning nature footpaths on Mount Rokko, Kobe
Satoyama Rangers Regeneration, maintenance and conservation of habitat of Gifucho butterfly in Fukushima, Sanda
Awajishima Park Enjoyment Group Creating encounters with nature for people using Awajishima Park
Boosting greenery at all plants and works
To help improve the environment around our plants and works, green spaces are being created and trees are being planted on the premises.

At the Kobe Corporate Research Laboratories, a biotope has been created at the center of the property to commemorate the company's 100th anniversary. Commemorative trees that were planted all over the property have been relocated to the edge of the biotope, and further tree planting is planned for the future, in an attempt to upgrade the research facility's environment.
Biotope at Kobe Steel’s Kobe Corporate Research Laboratories
Biotope at Kobe Steel's Kobe Corporate Research Laboratories

Correction to Sustainability Report 2006
With regard to the Sustainability Report 2006, members of the River Clean Eco-coal Bank (River Clean Ecotan Ginko) pointed out that the actual facts differed from the content and picture Kobe Steel originally posted in "Contribution to Local Communities" in the "Coexistence and Harmony with Society" section of the Report.

The original passage stated that the Yuukari-kai foremen's association at Kakogawa Works was involved in the charcoal-making activities of the River Clean Eco-Charcoal Bank. In writing the passage, Kobe Steel's editors and publisher of the Sustainability Report had neglected to fully confirm the facts. As a result, it appeared as if the Yuukari-kai played a major role in the charcoal-making. The original passage also erroneously linked "Try-Yaru Week" (a work-experience initiative for students) with the charcoal-making activities. Both points differed from the facts. In addition, the photo of the charcoal-making machine was used without permission.

To correct the situation, we revised the erroneous section. Kobe Steel deeply apologizes for the trouble and misunderstanding this lapse has caused the concerned party.
Cooperation with the Local Community
Shinko Kobe Power Inc. in Kobe supplies heat from its power generation plants to three sake breweries in the Nishigo area. Nishigo is one of the five areas renown for sake brewing in Kobe and Nishinomiya. Steam generator
Steam generator
International Cooperation
The Kobe Steel Group accepts trainees from abroad and provides technical training. Promoting international cooperation, Kobe Steel utilizes its broad experience in the environmental and energy fields.

Cooperation Activities Country Sponsoring Organization
Analysis of environmental burden substances and risk assessment China
Japan International Cooperation Agency
Facility visit (Shinko Kobe Power Station) Indonesia Environmental Bureau, Kobe City
Malaysia Pacific Resource Exchange Center