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Environmental Management
Sustainability Report 2007
3. Disclosure of Environmental Information
Kobe Steel actively publicizes environmental information and data to inform all stakeholders about environmental management in the Kobe Steel Group. Efforts are made at plants and works to improve communication on environmental issues by holding regular meetings for discussions with local residents.
Sustainability Report
Kobe Steel has published an annual environmental report since 1999, making this year's report the ninth edition. Every year, we strive to improve the report's content and readability while taking into account readers' opinions we receive through various media. Last year, we included various social issues and renamed this expanded version the Sustainability Report.

To report on the wide-ranging results we have achieved through our environmental conservation activities, we will continue our efforts to broaden our coverage and ensure accuracy.
Sustainability  Report on the Internet
Sustainability Report on the Internet

Previous reports (Japanese version)
Previous reports (Japanese version)
Environmental Information Disclosure Via Telemeter
Kobe Steel's steelworks had used a computerized environmental data management system to monitor SOx and NOx emissions and send the relevant data to local authorities. When it was discovered in May 2006 that the environmental measurement data had been mishandled, we implementing radical measures at Kakogawa Works. The new system makes it impossible for Kobe Steel to unilaterally alter data and programs. At Kobe Works, we completed changes to the data processing logic.
Introducing Products and Technologies Related to the Environment
To help the public understand in concrete terms just what the Kobe Steel Group is doing to contribute to a healthier environment, we have created a Web site that covers the full range of our environmental protection technologies set in a number of scenes. Information on the latest developments is updated as needed. Environmental Information Disclosure Via Telemeter
Environmental information disclosure via telemeter
Informing Through Exhibitions
The Kobe Steel Group is working to gain wider public understanding by participating in exhibitions related to the environment; displaying products, technologies and services that contribute to environmental protection; and providing information on environmental management within the Group.

In 2006, we took part in major exhibits that included Messe Nagoya 2006: Environmental Protection Trade Show, Energy Solutions and Thermal Storage Fair 2006, and N-EXPO 2006 Osaka.
Messe Nagoya 2006 and eco-products exhibition,October 2006
Messe Nagoya 2006 and eco-products exhibition,October 2006