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Environmental Management
Sustainability Report 2007
5. Promotion of Employee Initiatives
Raising Employee Awareness of the Environment
Sharing information by Intranet
Kobe Steel posts the Ecoway Network on its Intranet. This site contains the latest information on environmental laws and ordinances; examples of environmental and energy-saving initiatives; and an environmental business database. The site posts timely information for effective use.
Group environmental award system
In day-to-day operations, various suggestions for energy savings, waste control, and recycling were made and these suggestions have resulted in reducing the environmental burden as well as development of eco-friendly products and technologies.

The activities implemented are presented at the annual Kobe Steel Group Environmental Conference, held every June to actively spread such activities throughout the entire group. Outstanding activities are given recognition to raise the environmental awareness in the group companies.
Promotion of employees' environmental certification
Kobe Steel is increasing its number of qualified pollution control managers and energy managers.
Number of environment-related qualified personnel (parent company only)
Qualification Number of qualified personnel
Pollution control manager (Air) 143
Pollution control manager (Water)
Pollution control manager (Noise)
Pollution control manager (Vibration)
Pollution control manager (Dust)
Pollution control manager (Dioxins)
Senior pollution control manager
Energy manager
Heat management manager
Electricity management manager
Certified environmental measurer
Total 711
"Individual Environmental Declarations" at Kakogawa Works
As one way of changing attitudes toward environmental issues after the air emission problems were discovered, we are working to raise environmental awareness by holding frank discussions, and having all works employees (including those from affiliated companies) make environmental declarations.
Environmental Education and Training
Kobe Steel is providing environmental compliance education for all employees as a result of the air emissions problem. In addition, environmental education and training have been provided by employee rank in training programs.