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Environmental Management
Sustainability Report 2007

Kobe Steel Group Sustainability Report 2007

Through Diverse Businesses, the Kobe Steel Group Contributes to the Development of Society and Better Living
Table of Contents
President's Message
Overview of the Kobe Steel Group
Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Governance and Compliance
Social Report
Relations with Customers and Business Partners
Coexistence and Harmony with Society
Relations with Shareholders and Investors
Maintaining a Pleasant Working Environment
Disaster Prevention Activities
Environmental Report
  Environmental Management
Basic Policy and System for Environmental Management
Status Report on Countermeasures Taken in Response to Air Emission Problems
Material Balance
Medium- and Long-Term Environmental Targets, Results and Evaluation
Environmental Activities and Performance
1. Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing (1)
Measures against Global Warming
1. Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing (2)
Building a Recycling-based Society
1. Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing (3)
Reducing Hazardous Substances
1. Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing (4)
Lowering Environmental Impact (Air, Water, Noise, Odors, Soil)
1. Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing (5)
Environment-related Investment and Environment Accounting
2.Products, Technologies and Services to Benefit the Environment
3. Disclosure of Environmental Information
4. Cooperation with the Local Community
5. Promotion of Employee Initiatives
6. Thorough Risk Management
Emission Data of Production Facilities
Kobe Steel Group Companies
Environmental Timeline
Third-Party Comment and Editorial Postscript

The Kobe Steel Group has established a symbol mark with the aim to cultivate an "environmental mind" among its employees and to enable an environment image to take root.

The fresh green leaf drawn freehand expresses a natural and gentle image. By combining an arrow mark with the word ECO WAY, the mark represents the Kobe Steel Group's corporate stance to progress, step by step, on a path to become an environmentally advanced company.

Editorial Policy
The Sustainability Report was prepared by using the Global Reporting Initiative's Sustainability Reporting Guidelines 2006. The environmental report section was put together by using the Environmental Reporting Guidelines (fiscal 2003 edition and 2007 interim edition) published by the Ministry of the Environment as references. The section on disaster prevention used PR material published August 1, 2005 by the working group on company valuation and business continuity in the Cabinet Office's Central Disaster Prevention Council, as a reference. Technical terms are explained for easy understanding and the sources of related information are included so that readers can obtain more details.

Period and Scope Covered
The Sustainability Report 2007 presents the Kobe Steel Group's achievements in environmental protection and community activities in fiscal 2006 (April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2007). Some data from previous years are also included. The report includes the Group's basic stance on environmental protection and social contributions. It also describes past, current and future activities.