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Recognition from Outside Organizations

The Kobe Steel Group's environmentally friendly products, technologies and services have received high praise from outside organizations.

Saijo Plant Receives Energy Conservation Center Japan (ECCJ) Chairman's Prize

Energy Conservation Grand Prize Award Ceremony

Energy Conservation Grand Prize
Award Ceremony

Kobe Steel received the 2013 Chairman Prize of ECCJ in the category of workplace energy conservation examples. The prize from The Energy Conservation Center, Japan recognizes energy-saving initiatives that lead to exceptional results.

As part of energy-saving activities, the Saijo Plant focused on boilers essential to the manufacturing process, pursuing substantial measures to prevent wasteful combustion and energy loss. As a result, energy consumption and CO2 emissions were both greatly reduced. The Chairman Prize was awarded in recognition of these impressive results.

Flare-shaped Seawall Receives Zenken Award

Zenken Award Ceremony

Zenken Award Ceremony

Together with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kobe Steel received the Japan Construction Engineers' Association Award.

The award recognizes projects that produce exceptional results through their use of construction technology and approach to public works.

The Betsudai National Highway is a major thoroughfare in Oita Prefecture that had frequently become impassable due to overtopping waves caused by typhoons. A flare-shaped seawall, one of Kobe Steel's "Only One" products, was introduced to solve this problem.

The flare-shaped seawall restrains overtopping and can be built to a shorter height than previously existing seawalls. The seawall preserves natural scenery and ecosystems, and the top of the wall can be utilized as a walkway. The Japan Construction Engineers' Association Award, also called the Zenken Award, was received in recognition of the many new contributions the wall makes in the field of environmental conservation.

Kobe Head Office Building Receives Kobe City Urban Design Award (CASBEE Architectural Design Category)

Kobe head office building

Kobe head office building

The Kobe Steel head office building received the Second Kobe City Urban Design Award (CASBEE Architectural Design Category). The award is granted by the Kobe City government.

The award recognizes buildings that form attractive spaces and environments suited to the character of Kobe while also incorporating a high level of environmental consideration.

The head office building reduces energy consumption through lower heating and cooling loads through the use of slanted windows and architectural layering, LED lighting in all offices, and solar electric panels. The award was received in recognition of these environmental contributions.

Other awards

Awarded for Awarded by Award name
Kakogawa Works
Eco commuting
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister's Award for Environmentally Excellent Corporations in the Field of Transport
Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd.
Development and commercialization of urban biogas system
Ministry of the Environment Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity (Technological Development and Commercialization Category)