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Environmental Accounting

The Kobe Steel Group continuously engages in environmental conservation.

The cost and benefit of these efforts is analyzed, and relevant information is disclosed in order to deepen understanding on the part of stakeholders.

Environment-Related Investment and Results

Kobe Steel invests in the installation and continual maintenance of environmental equipment, and environmental measures are pursued on a variety of fronts. Capital investment in fiscal 2013 was approximately ¥1.9 billion, as detailed below.

  • Highly efficient dust collector for new hot-metal treatment plant, waste heat recovery boiler installation (Kakogawa Works)
  • Improvements to plating equipment floor space (Chofu Works)

Total outlay in fiscal 2013 was approximately ¥34.2 billion. Approximately 33% of outlay was used to limit air pollution, approximately 15% to limit water pollution, and approximately 30% for resource recycling. Additionally, in order to contribute to the environment via products, technologies and services, development of items such as OTEC heat exchangers and hydrogen fueling units for fuel cell vehicles was carried out. Outlay for product and technology developments accounted for approximately 15% of total outlay, at approximately ¥5.1 billion.

In the future we will continue to pursue activities geared toward environmental conservation, including upgrades to equipment and facilities.

Breakdown of Investments in Fiscal 2013

Breakdown of Investments s in Fiscal 2013

Breakdown of Outlay in Fiscal 2013

Breakdown of Outlay in Fiscal 2013