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Recognition from Outside Organizations

The Kobe Steel Group's environmentally friendly products, technologies and services have received high praise from outside organizations.

Kobelco Logistics Awarded ECCJ Chairman's Prize for its Locomotive Idle-stop System

ECCJGrand Prize Award Ceremony

ECCJ Grand Prize Award

Kobelco Logistics, Ltd. was awarded the 2014 Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) Chairman's Prize in the Successful Case of Energy Conservation Category. The prize from the ECCJ is awarded in recognition of energy-saving initiatives that lead to exceptional results.

Kobelco Logistics set its sights on the issue of locomotive engines running non-stop in Kakogawa Works on-site rail transport operations, which proceed around the clock every day of the year. As a result of its efforts, Kobelco Logistics became the first company in the steel industry to successfully develop a practical means of turning off engines of locomotives when they are not moving.

Their efforts have yielded significant energy savings, decreasing diesel fuel consumption by 393 kiloliters and CO2 emissions by 1,029 tons per year.

JSIM Chairman's Award at the Outstanding Environmental Systems Awards in Recognition of Eco Kyuon

JSIM Outstanding Environmental Systems Awards ceremony

JSIM Outstanding
Environmental Systems Awards

Kobe Steel and Shinko Kenzai, Ltd. received the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers (JSIM) Chairman's Award at the 40th Outstanding Environmental Systems Awards organized by JSIM. The award is given in recognition of excellence in the field of environmental products, with the aim of encouraging research and development involving green technologies and promoting more widespread adoption of top-notch environmental solutions.

Eco Kyuon is an all-metal sound-absorbing panel consisting of microporous aluminum sheet and foil, which gives it sound-absorption properties equaling or surpassing those of conventional glass wall materials and other sound-absorption panels. Moreover, the panels also excel in terms of moisture resistance, recyclability and corrosion resistance. The product is primarily used as a means of soundproofing roadways, but has also been used with railways, factories and numerous other applications.

Award for Excellence Received in the 1st Japan Resilience Awards in Recognition of Bull Metal™

Example of Bull Metal™ steel frameworks for embankment erosion control

Example of Bull Metal™ steel
frameworks for embankment
erosion control

Kobe Steel won the 2015 Award for Excellence in the 1st Annual Japan Resilience Awards organized by the Association for Resilience Japan. The Award for Excellence is given to companies and organizations in recognition of their efforts with respect to engaging in activities, or otherwise developing technologies or products that help bring about greater resiliency on the national or regional level, or with respect to people or industrial manufacturing.

Bull Metal™ is a small steel structure for curbing riverbank erosion caused by the flow of debris. It was developed to prevent and mitigate disasters through the use of a structure that controls the direction of the water flow.

The footing beams of a Bull Metal™ structure are firmly implanted in the ground, enabling the structure to maintain stability under its own weight. This precludes the need for concrete foundations, which means the structures can be set up in a short amount of time. As such, Bull Metal™ structures have applications with respect to emergency work in times of disaster.

Other Awards

Awarded for Awarded by Award name
Kobelco Logistics, Ltd.
Locomotive Idle-stop System
Japan Association for Logistics and Transport 15th Logistics Environment Awards
Award for development of technology that reduces the environmental impact of logistics operations
Grid Net™
(2000C steel-grid sabo dam for erosion control)
Association for Resilience Japan 2015 Award for Excellence in the 1st Japan Resilience Awards