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Thorough Risk Management

In addition to measures for grasping and reducing environmental risk related to business operations, the Kobe Steel Group also establishes daily procedures for appropriate management of these risks.

Through environmental audits and other such measures we continuously pursue thorough legal compliance and strengthened environmental management.

Improving Environmental Management

Checking dust countermeasures at the raw materials yard, as part of an environmental audit (Kakogawa Works)

Checking dust
countermeasures at the raw
materials yard, as part of an
environmental audit
(Kakogawa Works)

At Kobe Steel locations, we have introduced environmental management systems such as ISO 14001, and carry out internal audits as well as audits by outside certifying agencies. Additionally, following in-company rules, both document-based studies and on-site inspections are carried out by the head office so as to raise the overall level of environmental management.

Document-based studies are also carried out for Group companies. At locations where environmental risks are high environmental management systems are introduced and, together with voluntary environmental measures, on-site inspections are carried out by Kobe Steel.

Outside consultants are involved in the planning of on-site inspections so as to ensure an objective and reasonable approach.

Individual on-site checklists are created for each location, which are used to carry out self-assessments before actual inspections. This helps sites to grasp the state of affairs in advance so as to make inspections more effective.

Responding to Environmental Risks

As part of our response to environmental risks, the Kobe Steel Group widened the scope of yearly paper inspections in fiscal 2014. We will continue to carry out these inspections in the future, revising their contents as appropriate.

Additionally, in fiscal 2015 we will strive to increase training on environmental laws and regulations and otherwise increase our level of risk management.

Emergency Drills

Drill for responding to forklift oil leaks (Shinko Kenzai, Ltd.)

Drill for responding to forklift oil
leaks (Shinko Kenzai, Ltd.)

In addition to risk extraction and reduction, regular emergency drills are also carried out at each location.

After drills, review meetings are held to identify issues and carry out PDCA cycles.

Administrative Instruction and Guidance in Fiscal 2014

Kobe Steel and its Group companies committed no major infractions of environmental law in fiscal 2014. Companies did, however, receive instruction and guidance from related administrative organizations, and appropriate measures were implemented in response.

Administrative Instruction and Guidance

  Air Water Other
Kobe Steel 0 1 0
Group companies 1 2 0

Examples of Administrative Instruction and Guidance

 ・ It was found that we had failed to report necessary information regarding environmental facilities. A report was submitted, and employees were retrained.

 ・ During on-site administrative inspection of drainage, pH levels were found to be in excess of acceptable levels. We received administrative guidance telling us to correct the levels. In addition to changes to detergents used, we also plan to install neutralizing facilities.

 ・ During an administrative visit to confirm voluntary recording of soot levels, soot was found to be in excess of reported values and we were told to implement repairs as appropriate. Timing of repairs is currently under consideration.