Supporting Society, Building the Future: Three Perspectives on the Kobe Steel Group's Environmental and Social Contributions

2017 Editorial Policy

The contents of this report were selected and compiled by the Publication Subcommittee of the CSR Committee, in discussion with the various business units. Contents were organized according to three editorial themes, with reference to issues of high concern for our stakeholders as well as items of materiality to our business operations.

Supporting society, building the future: Three perspectives on the Kobe Steel Group's environmental and social contributions

The Kobe Steel Group supports society through the three core business areas of materials, machinery and electric power. This includes many business activities that help protect the environment and support future generations, for instance the reduction of greenhouse gases and practical application of next-generation energy sources.

Additionally, the Group is fundamentally dedicated to fair and transparent corporate governance and to coexistence with local communities, making environmental and social contributions as it expands globally and continues on to tomorrow. This report addresses our latest activities and their results from three perspectives.

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