Basic Environmental Management Policy and Six Principal Initiatives

Through environmental management based on three corporate visions, Kobe Steel aims to be a leading environmental corporate group.

At Kobe Steel, we believe we have a duty to pass on a healthy ecosystem, in which all living creatures can thrive, to future generations. To this end, we have established a Basic Environmental Management Policy as well as six initiatives for implementation.

We strive to implement environmentally conscious environmental management during every stage of our operations, and have set up a dedicated Environmental Management Committee to explore and make recommendations on these six areas.

With participation by all Group employees, we are dedicated to becoming a leading environmental corporate group.

Group Environmental Management System

Group Environmental Management System

Basic Environmental Management Policy

As a leading environmental corporate group, the Kobe Steel Group will fulfill its social responsibilities as described in these policies, improve its environmental capabilities, and enhance its corporate value.

Basic Environmental Management Policy

Implementation of Six Initiatives

1. Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Yuichiro Goto

Yuichiro Goto
Chairman of the Environmental
Management Committee
(Executive Officer)

The Kobe Steel Group will continue to steadily promote environmental management.

The Kobe Steel Group implements groupwide environmental management based on a basic environmental policy consisting of three tenets: pursuing environmentally friendly manufacturing; contributing to the environment through technologies, products and services; and coexisting and cooperating with society.

Our goal is to be a corporate group that contributes to society in a variety of fields, including weight savings in transportation, energy and infrastructure, with a view toward creating a low-carbon society, while continuing to earn the trust of local communities and customers through environmental management at our many global production sites.

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