The Welding Business's Value Chain

We aim to be the world's most trusted company for welding solutions, offering total solutions, including welding materials, robotic welding systems and construction technologies.

In all of our many technologies and products, from development and design to waste and recycling, the Welding Business conserves energy, decreases CO2 emissions, and otherwise contributes to reduced environmental impact.

The Welding Business Value Chain Technological Development and Design Manufacturing Product Distribution Use by Customers Waste and Recycling

Technology Development and Design

During technology development and design, we focus on reducing environmental impact.

Example of Initiatives

Development of welding materials and construction technologies to meet a variety of needs

Reducing CO2 through weight savings in transportation (such as for automobiles and marine vessels) requires technologies necessary for welding strong, lightweight steel sheet. We have developed a diverse array of welding materials and construction technologies to meet society's needs.


We utilize production methods that take into account the importance of reducing environmental impact and proactively engage in energy conservation.

Example of Initiatives

Saijo Plant receives Energy Conservation Grand Prize for energy-saving activities

Microbinary Generators

The Saijo Plant was awarded the fiscal 2013 Chairman Prize of the Energy Conservation Center, Japan in recognition of increased energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions through improved combustion efficiency for boilers, prevention of energy loss, and other similar initiatives.

Energy-Saving Patrols

Aiming to rationalize energy use, all employees engage in plant-wide activities to improve facilities, rectify air leaks and otherwise save energy.

Product Distribution

We focus on reducing environmental impact during product transportation.

Example of Initiatives

Introduction of modal shifts and optimization of product shipping routes.

We are introducing extensive modal shifts in transportation, shifting from trucks to transportation such as rail and ships. We reduce the energy required for transportation through direct shipping to customers without the use of intermediate warehouses.

Use by Customers

We provide a diverse range of welding materials and technologies to meet a variety of needs, including weight savings in transportation and improvements to working environments.

Major Welding Business Products

Welding Materials

Kobe Steel manufactures and sells approximately 800 different types of welding materials. These materials help contribute to better manufacturing in a wide variety of industries, including the shipbuilding, steel frame and automotive sectors.

Covered Welding Electrodes

Covered Welding Electrodes
Welding electrodes are the most common, general-purpose welding materials worldwide, used in a variety of industries including construction and steel frames.

Solid Welding Wires

Solid Welding Wires
Used primarily in the automotive, construction, and construction machinery fields, solid welding wires can be used with robots for continuous welding.

Flux-Cored Welding Wires

Flux-Cored Welding Wires
Used primarily in shipbuilding and bridge construction, these wires help shorten welding times and improve the quality of welded parts.

Example of Initiatives

Welding materials for ultra high-strength steel sheet

We have commercialized and launched the TRUSTARC™ MG-S120T for the welding of ultra high-strength steel sheet, which is expected to reduce the weight of cars and reduce CO2 emissions.

Welding Systems

Kobe Steel boasts top results in Japan in fields such as structural construction steel and construction machinery. We offer optimal welding solutions that not only automate welding work and improve efficiency, but also help reduce costs and improve quality for customers.

Example of Initiatives

REGARC™ process reduces fume emissions by half

REGARC邃「 process reduces fume emissions by half

We contribute to improved working environments, through use of the REGARC™ welding process, which greatly decreases fumes and spatter in comparison to previous methods, in conjunction with welding wires specifically tailored to REGARC™ technology.

Waste and Recycling

We pursue recycling to reduce total waste levels.

Example of Initiatives

Reducing landfill waste

In addition to efforts to reduce waste flux, we are also reducing landfills through the recycling of neutralized sludge into cement materials.

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