Promoting Environmental Initiatives with Full Employee Participation

All Kobe Steel Group employees participate continually in environmental education and study to raise their level of environmental awareness and ensure that they always conduct themselves taking the environment into consideration. We also promote other employee environmental initiatives, such as KOBELCO Eco-Life Notebook (household environmental accounting booklets) and eco-office activities.

Improving Environmental Awareness

The Kobe Steel Group Environmental Conference

Kobe Steel Group Environmental Conference

Kobe Steel Group Environmental Conference

The Kobe Steel Group Environmental Conference is held every year for the purpose of sharing environmental information and promoting cross-development of environmental initiatives. A total of 85 members from 29 Group companies participated in fiscal 2016. Participants shared notable positive and negative examples of environmental activities at their locations and reviewed changes to environmental laws and regulations.

The conference is part of our efforts to strengthen Groupwide environmental initiatives and increase environmental awareness.

Environmental Training and Study

Since fiscal 2006, Kobe Steel has incorporated continual environmental training and study into its stratified (by office/facility organization) training program.

Additionally, regular e-learning sessions are held via the company intranet so as to raise environmental awareness among employees and guarantee a thorough knowledge of environmental laws and regulations.

Promoting Environmental Qualifications

In order to strengthen environmental management and raise environmental awareness, Kobe Steel promotes the acquisition of necessary environmental qualifications (such as for pollution control managers or qualified persons for energy management) at each of its locations.

Employees Acquiring Environmental Qualifications (Kobe Steel)

Qualification No. acquiring qualification Qualification No. acquiring
Pollution Control Manager (air) 256 Pollution Control Manager (dioxins) 61
Pollution Control Manager (water) 194
Pollution Control Manager (noise/vibration) 202 Pollution Control Chief Manager 7
Qualified Person for Energy Management 165
Pollution Control Manager (dust) 53 Certified Environmental Measurer 15

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