Supplementary Material for Integrated Report 2018

Resource Recycling Measures

In order to make effective use of limited resources, the Kobe Steel Group implements measures to control waste at its offices and plants. We actively promote recycling by adding value to byproducts created during manufacturing processes as well as develop and introduce new applications for materials. Additionally, we also promote recycling and reuse during shipping through changes to packaging methods. We’re also working to reduce paper consumption at offices by proactively digitizing meeting materials and introducing IT solutions throughout the Group.

Controlling Waste Generation and Promoting Recycling

In fiscal 2017, a total of 4.91 million tons of byproduct materials were created by the Kobe Steel Group (including both domestic and overseas Group companies). In addition to efforts to reduce waste generated by reducing materials used, for instance by improving yield rates or reducing auxiliary materials, Kobe Steel also strives to recycle byproducts. As a result, the overall recycling ratio for the Kobe Steel Group in fiscal 2017 was 96.2 percent, and 156,000 tons of waste was consigned to landfills.

Byproducts by Business Unit at the Kobe Steel Group (including overseas)

Byproducts by Business Unit at the Kobe Steel Group (including overseas)

Major Initiatives in the Business Units (Japan)

Business unit Examples of initiatives to reduce the generation of
byproducts and decrease landfill disposal
Iron & Steel Reduced generation of iron and steel slag, developed new applications
Developed recycling technologies for dusts
Welding Recycled sorted waste flux into roadbed material and cement raw material
Reusable product packaging materials
Aluminum & Copper Recycled arc furnace ash
Machinery Reused shipping boxes by strengthening packaging materials
Electric Power Recycled gypsum byproducts from coal ash and flue gas desulfurization equipment

Initiatives at Overseas Group Companies

Company name Examples of initiatives to reduce the generation of
waste and decrease landfill disposal
Kobe Wire Products (Foshan) Co., Ltd. (KWPF) Abolished packaging in which the properties of chemical agents have changed
Kobelco Welding Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (KWAP) Reused leftover materials
Kobe MIG Wire (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (KMWT) Extended use life of coolant oil
Kobelco Welding of Europe B.V. (KWE) Reduced waste liquid after analysis by improving analysis method
Returned pallets to suppliers
Kobe Welding of Korea Co., Ltd. (KWK) Reused packaging materials
Kobe Precision Technology Sdn. Bhd. (KPTEC) Decreased waste generation through improved efficiency in operations
Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products (China) Co., Ltd. (KAAP-C) Reused leftover materials

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