Electric Power

Our power supply business began in fiscal 2002 and contributes to the stable supply of electricity in the region.
We are also currently pursuing plans to construct additional plants.

Kobe Power Plant – No.1 and No.2 Units

The Kobe Power Plant was established as the cornerstone of a new business following revisions to the Electricity Business Act in 1995. In establishing the power station, we fully capitalized on existing infrastructure at Kobe Works and our expertise in in-house power generation in the Iron & Steel Business. Wholesale power supply commenced in fiscal 2002. All generated power is supplied to The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. The power station is one of the largest independent power producers in Japan, capable of covering approximately 70 percent of Kobe's peak electricity demand. Because the power station is located in an urban setting, it also features environmental equipment with some of the highest standards. In April 2016, the name of the operating company was changed from Shinko Kobe Power Inc. to Kobelco Power Kobe, Inc. to reflect the Group brand.

Moka Power Plant (under construction)

We are constructing a 1.25 million kW power station on land adjacent to the Moka Plant in Tochigi Prefecture. A contract for power and gas supply was formed with Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. in September 2014, with plans to begin operation of the No. 1 unit in the second half of 2019 and the No. 2 unit in the first half of 2020. The power plant will receive city gas from Tokyo Gas, which it will utilize as fuel for the state-of-the-art GTCC systems, offering one of the highest levels of generation efficiency in Japan. As Japan’s first full-scale inland thermal power station, we believe the power plant will help contribute to a stronger energy infrastructure through dispersed generation and regional development.

Kobe Power Plant – No.3 and No.4 Units

After shutting down upstream operations at Kobe Works in 2017, we are now constructing a 1.3 million kW power station on the site of the Works' blast furnace. A contract for power delivery was formed with The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. in March 2015. We are aiming to start up the No.3 unit in fiscal 2021 and the No.4 unit in fiscal 2022. The new power station will feature cutting-edge, ultra-supercritical generating equipment. As an urban power station, it will also feature advanced environmental equipment of the highest standards suitable for the location.

Power Plant Overview

Power plant Fuel Capacity Generation method Commencement of supply
Kobe Power Plant Coal 1.4 mil. kW
(700,000 kW×2)
Coal-fired, supercritical pressure power generation No. 1 unit: April 2002
No. 2 unit: April 2004
Moka Power Plant
(under construction)
City gas 1.248 mil. kW
(624,000 kW×2)
Gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) No. 1 unit: 2H 2019 (scheduled)
No. 2 unit: 1H 2020 (scheduled)
(Provisional name)
Kobe Works Thermal Power Plant
(in planning)
Coal 1.3 mil. kW
(650,000 kW×2)
Coal-fired, ultra-supercritical pressure power generation No. 1 unit: fiscal 2021 (scheduled)
No. 2 unit: fiscal 2022 (scheduled)

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