From now. From here. KoCoLab.

KoCoLab (KOBELCO Co-creation Laboratory) is a place where KOBELCO's core technologies and customers' businesses inspire each other.
It is a place to discover more precise needs and co-create more valuable seeds.
The concept is "Face to Face."
By sharing time, space, and purpose while actually seeing inside our research facilities, instead of just a display of technology, you are bound to feel the stirrings of new ideas being created.
Let’s create a new development that is going to start from now, together from here.

Floor Guide

  • Ice-Breaking Zone

    KOBELCO's products are closer than you think. Focusing on this fact--that "Actually, that's KOBELCO."--this zone introduces our CSR activities and contents related to our awards.

  • History Zone

    KOBELCO has continually opened the doors to new eras through its diversified businesses. This zone introduces our history of innovation in various fields going back through more than 100 years.

  • Core Technology Zone

    KOBELCO is proud of its 21 core technologies that underpin its three main fields of materials, machinery, and power supply. Here, you can see our advanced manufacturing capabilities, backed up by prototype experiments, and the passion behind them.

  • Priority Areas Zone

    Here you can see our technoogy development and other initiatives in the automotive, aircraft, and energy fields.

  • Co-creation Zone

    This is a place to start co-creation, by allowing us to share your issues. We will create cool ideas from here through hot discussions.

  • Disscussion Zone

    This is a personal area for deeper discussions to build ideas into a business. It is a bright, open space outfitted with such accessories as wall surfaces that are white boards for writing.

Flow of Co-creation

  • Inquiry/application to a KOBELCO Group employee
  • Notifcation of date and time for visit
  • Visit

*The KoCoLab is not open to individuals, as it is a facility for business co-creation.

Getting to KoCoLab

Address: 5-5, Takatsukadai 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo

Take the Kobe Municipal Subway (Seishin-Yamate Line) from Sannomiya and get off at Seishin-Chuo Station. From Seishin-Chuo Station:

・Approximately 10 min. by bus on the No. 12, 23 or 24 bus lines
(Get off at Kouaike Koen)


・Approximately 5 min. by taxi
Let the driver know that you are going to the "Kobe Corporate Research Laboratories" ("Kobe Seiko no Ken-kyu-jo")
・Via Sannomiya: Approximately 40 min. via the Sanroku Bypass

・Via Akashi: Approximately 30 min. from the Tamatsu Interchange on the Daini Shinmei Road