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KTR No.41 / Mar. 2024

Feature: Welding and Joining Technologies

Kobe Steel’s Research and Development in Welding Materials, Robotic Welding Systems, and Welding & Joining Processes

Latest Issue

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KTR No.40 / Jan. 2023

Feature-Ⅰ: Prediction and Measurement of Microstructures and Properties in Materials

Feature-Ⅱ: Functional Materials and Solutions for Diverse Needs of Society

KTR No.39 / Nov. 2021

Feature-Ⅰ: Energy and Environment

Feature-Ⅱ: Advanced Materials Business

KTR No.38 / Mar. 2020

Feature-Ⅰ: Automotive Weight Reduction

Feature-Ⅱ: Iron and Steel Manufacturing Technology

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