Initiatives to Reduce CO2 Emissions

(Kobe Power Plant) The No. 1 and No. 2 units currently operating at the Kobe Power Plant and the No. 3 and No. 4 units under construction are capable of reliably supplying electric power with excellent economic viability, owing to the coal infrastructure at the Kobe Wire Rod & Bar Plant and our know-how in coal-fired power generation accumulated from operating in-house power generation facilities.

The Kobe Power Plant is located in an urban area close to sources of demand and implements high standards in environmental measures, enabling the highly efficient supply of clean electric power with little power transmission loss, thereby contributing to higher self-sufficiency in electric power for cities in the region. The power plant is resilient to earthquakes and tsunamis, thereby contributing to the development of communities resilient to natural disasters through more robust electric power infrastructure for major cities. The Kobe Power Plant aims to be a highly efficient urban power plant that serves as a model to the world in terms of environmental considerations, by supplying heating using the waste heat from its power generation facilities and by realizing its plans for installing hydrogen refueling stations and using wastewater sludge as biomass fuel.

(Moka Power Plant) The No. 1 and No. 2 units of the Moka Power Plant began operation in fiscal 2019. These units deploy a cutting-edge gas turbine combined cycle power generation system and generate electricity at the highest level of efficiency in Japan, using city gas as fuel.

The Moka Power Plant is Japan’s first inland full-fledged thermal power plant, located in a safe area with low probability of earthquakes and zero risk of damage from tsunamis. With this dispersion of risks, the Cabinet Secretariat selected the Moka Power Plant as an example of improving the resiliency of the nation and its energy infrastructure. The Moka Power Plant also contributes to increasing the electricity selfsufficiency of Tochigi Prefecture.

Initiatives to Reduce CO2 Emissions
Contribution to Reduction of CO2 Emissions

The CO2 Reduction Promotion Subcommittee estimates that the KOBELCO Group’s technologies, products, and services contributed to a reduction of CO2 emissions totaling 32.62 million tons.