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The following are examples of application.

  • Extraction Process
  • Absorption Process
  • Reaction Process
    (Applicable Phases: gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, etc.)

*SMCR brings micro channel reactor benefits to conventional processes such in the as large capacity chemical industry. In addition, SMCR® can be used with withstanding pressure performance of up to 100 Mpa and heat resistance performance of up to the 900°C due to diffusion bonding.

Effect examples

  • Reduction of the plot area.
  • Easy to apply, the multi-stage system has many mixings and separating parts.
  • A smaller number of extraction stages compared to batch reactors.
  • High mass transfer performance makes it possible to reduce the amount of extraction solvent.

Examples of Applications

Example of Application

Conventional Equipment to SMCR Equipment

Test Example [Extraction]

A test to extract 0.1 wt% of the phenol in dodecane in water was performed using a conventional stirring-type reactor and SMCR®. With SMCR® installed in Kobe Steel’s bench test unit, the number of channels and stacked layers was varied to confirm the increasing throughput achieved by the increased number of channels. As a result, the extraction performance of the SMCR® was high regardless of the number of channels or stacking, and we were able to verify that equilibrium extraction was achieved in 1/100 of the time taken using the stirring-type reactor.


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