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Energy & Chemical Field Micro Channel Reactor (SMCR®)


Stacked Micro Channel Reactor (SMCR)

Stacked Micro Channel Reactor (SMCR)

Stacked Micro Channel Reactor (SMCR®) is a large-capacity micro channel reactor noted for the following features:

Improved chemical operation efficiency
High mass transfer performance can be achieved.
Large capacity (more than 10,000 channels in one unit)
Several tens of thousands of tons throughput per year
Excellent heat transfer performance
Precise temperature control is possible.
Quick scale-up of the process from laboratory to commercial plant
Numbering-up technique makes it easy to scale up.

Brochure Download

  • Micro Channel Heat Exchanger and Micro Channel Reactor Brochure
  • Modeling of Kobe's High Performance Heat Exchangers and Microchannel Reactors
  • General information of SMCR®

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