Dry Bag CIP Equipment

Perfect solution based on powder properties and product specifications.

Systems of Dry Bag CIP

Dry Bag CIP is classified into two systems: (a) the circumferential pressurization system and (b) the circumferential + axial pressurization system.

(a) The circumferential pressurization system applies pressure only from the outer surfaces of the forming rubber mold through a cylindrical pressing rubber mold as shown in the middle of the figure below. However, due to the fluid-like property of the powder, the pressure applied to the green compact is almost equal to isostatic pressure. For powder filling method, both off-line system, by which the powder is filled up outside the pressure vessel, and in-line system, by which the powder is filled up directly inside the pressure vessel are available.

(b) The circumferential + axial pressurization system applies pressure from the outer surfaces and the top surface of the cap-shaped pressing rubber mold as shown in the right figure below. Therefore, nearly-isostatic pressure is applied to the powder. This system is suitable for molding a cylindrical product with a bottom like a crucible or balls by using multi-stage rubber molds. Powder is filled up after the forming rubber mold is removed out of the high-pressure vessel (off-line system).