Dry Bag CIP Equipment

High productivity and reliability by automated technologies based on our past experiences.

Standard Specifications

Series Type Type System Type Maximum Pressure Maximum Dimensions of Forming Rubber Mold
Inner Diameter X Height
In-line Off-line
ED300 ED 310-60/300 o   98.1MPa(1000kgf/cm2) Φ60mm X 300mmL
ED 320-45/300 o   196MPa(2000kgf/cm2) Φ45mm X 300mmL
ED400 ED 410-105/300 o   98.1MPa(1000kgf/cm2) Φ105mm X 300mmL
ED 420-80/300 o   196MPa(2000kgf/cm2) Φ80mm X 300mmL
ED 430-60/300 o   294MPa(3000kgf/cm2) Φ60mm X 300mmL
ED500 ED 510-180/500   o 98.1MPa(1000kgf/cm2) Φ140mm X 500mmL
ED 520-135/500   o 196MPa(2000kgf/cm2) Φ105mm X 500mmL
ED 530-103/500   o 294MPa(3000kgf/cm2) Φ80mm X 500mmL
ED 540-80/300 o   392MPa(4000kgf/cm2) Φ80mm X 300mmL
ADD700 ADD710-200/500   o 98.1MPa(1000kgf/cm2) Φ200mm X 50mmL
ADD720-180/310   o 196MPa(2000kgf/cm2) Φ180mm X 310mmL
ADD800 ADD830-220/330   o 294MPa(3000kgf/cm2) Φ220mm X 330mmL
ADD835-160/550   o 343MPa(3500kgf/cm2) Φ160mm X 550mmL