Plastic Processing Machinery

From pelletizing systems to injection molding machines, the Machinery Business supplies customers the best solution both hardware and software. Its plastics processing machineries are being operated all over the world.

We, Plastics Processing Machinery Division of KOBELCO, produce various machineries for plastics, such as LCM-H series (Continuous Mixer for polyolefin processing and pelletizing), LCM-EX series (Twin Screw Extruder for polyolefin processing and pelletizing), KTX series (Twin Screw Compounders for various plastics processing applications) and other various plastics related machineries, and attain a worldwide reputation as the leading manufacturer.

We have broad experience and know-how in these fields, not only mechanical point of view but also process point of view. We provide you the best solution through our high quality products and close customer support.

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