since 1915

We will always continue to be “No. 1” with our “Only One” technology that responds to the needs of our customers.
KOBELCO has continued to develop new products and technologies since it produced compressors for the first time in Japan in 1915. The “KOBELCO” brand and its products receive high evaluation both in Japan and overseas. We also produced the first screw-type air compressor, freezer, and vacuum pump in Japan. By reading customers' needs and addressing them, we have produced our original technologies and “Only One” products that cannot be found anywhere else. Such achievements and experiences have lead to the development of our latest model and we have thus been “No. 1” in respective times. We will continue to be the front-runner in the industry by reflecting customers' views in our technology and product development.

1915 Produced Japan's first reciprocating compressor using our own technologies and entered the compressor business.
1955 Broke into screw compressor business with technological tie-up with SRM.
1956 Launched Japanese first oil-free screw compressor.
1960 Established a screw compressor production plant in Takasago, Hyogo.
1961 Started production of oil injection type screw compressor.
1963 Started selling general-purpose compressor "KST series" (single stage).
1964 Started selling standard air compressors (two-stage).
1966 Broke into centrifugal compressor business.
1968 Adopted an asymmetric screw rotor profile to improve performance.
1971 Started selling package type screw compressor "KST series".
1973 Completed a standard compressor production plant in Okubo.
1976 Started selling package type two stage oil-free screw compressors "B/BT series".
1978 Broke into the standard small-sized air compressor business (7.5 - 11kW).
1979 Marked the 20,000-unit mark in cumulative shipments of screw compressors.
1980 Started selling energy-saving, standard Super Economy Series compressors.
1983 Developed Kobelco proprietary Super Rotor profile to greatly improve performance.
1984 Started selling oil-free single-stage compressor "ALS series".
1985 Started selling single stage type vacuum pump "KV series" .
1987 Started selling Air Mate Series (1.5 - 3.7kW).
Completed a standard compressor plant in Harima.
1990 Started selling ultracompact "new air mate series"(1.5 - 5.5kW).
1991 Launched Air Mate Series (7.5 - 11kW); all models come standard equipped with a dryer.
Serialized compact / ultra compact type compressor as "air mate".
1993 Completed and launched HandSome Series (22 - 75kW) with an automatic drainage system.
Developed Intelligent Total Control System (ITCS) with a self-diagnosis function.
1994 Launched Sukesan Series (1.5 - 3.7kW).
Started selling two-and-half-stage closed screw refrigerator "SH-F (water cooling) series".
1995 Launched March Series (5.5 - 11kW).
Remodeled medium-sized machine "Handsome series" (15.22kW).
1996 Launched medium-sized Emeraude Series "FE" (1.5 - 37kW).
1997 Launched large-sized Emeraude Series (45kW - ).
1998 Launched Kobelco Inverter Series with an IPM motor.
Started selling large-sized single stage machine "HMJ series" (90 - 150kW).
2000 Started selling oil-free scroll machine "ES series" (1.5 - 15kW).
Started selling compact / ultracompact machine "ASCM" (1.5 - 5.5kW).
2002 Started selling medium-sized inverter "Kobelion" (15 - 75kW).
Kobelion received "The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award (technique)" and "Japan Machinery Federation Chairperson Award " as an excellent energy-saving instrument.
Started selling two oil-free compressor "FE series" (15 - 37kW).
2003 Started selling two stage oil-free compressor "(VF/VE) series inverter".
2004 Started selling "Kobelion VS multi" (110 - 150kW).
2005 "Kobelion series" won "New Machine Promotion Award".
2007 Started selling large-sized two stage machine "Kobelion LT/ST" (160 - 220kW).
Started selling large-sized oil-free type "ALE" (305 - 370kW).
Developed and Started selling medium size inverter "KobelionII" (15 - 75kW) to be manufactured in China.
2008 Started selling water injection type oil-free machine "Aqua series" (22 - 37kW).
2012 Started selling oil-free type "ALE II"(55 - 290kW)
2013 Changed model of small size oil-injection type "CM" to "SG"(7.5 - 11kW)
Developed and Started selling medium size oil-free type "FE" (15 - 55kW) to be manufactured in China.
2016 Started selling oil-free type "New ALE" (132 - 160kW)

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