Kobe Steel launches Core Values of KOBELCO Next 100 Project

May 31, 2017

Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Kobe Steel, Ltd. announces the launching of the Core Values of KOBELCO Next 100 Project, which looks at the next 100 years. The Kobe Steel Group intends to unite all employees and create a better corporate group, namely an attractive corporate group full of pride and passion. Aiming to achieve sustainable development, the Kobe Steel Group began this project in April, the start of fiscal 2017.

Under its medium-term management vision KOBELCO VISION “G+” unveiled last year, the Kobe Steel Group has started a medium-term management plan to establish three core business areas centered on materials, machinery and electric power. Kobe Steel is currently undertaking numerous strategic initiatives to realize its goals. The plan has reached the implementation stage, an important phase.

Kobe Steel has also embarked on work style reform, diversity promotion and other initiatives.

Under these circumstances, it is important to once again share the same values that form the core of the entire Kobe Steel Group and unify the understanding of all members of the Group. As a result, Kobe Steel has returned to its Corporate Philosophy established in 2006 and has begun initiatives to once again instill awareness of these values among all Group members and for all members to share these values.

The Corporate Philosophy applies to all corporate activities, including corporate social responsibility (CSR), compliance, safety, quality control and other aspects. Instilling the Corporate Philosophy within and outside the Group, Kobe Steel aims to increase the sustainable development of the Group and improve its corporate values.

To clarify the philosophy of the Kobe Steel Group, Kobe Steel has decided to call the Corporate Philosophy the “Core Values of KOBELCO.” The core values are the commitments of the Kobe Steel Group to society and express the values shared by the entire Kobe Steel Group.

In addition, to fulfill these commitments, Kobe Steel has newly established the “Six Pledges of KOBELCO Men and Women,” which all employees must uphold. The Six Pledges of KOBELCO Men and Women are concrete actions to achieve the Core Values of KOBELCO and define the conduct that each employee must follow.

Based on the Core Values of KOBELCO and the Six Pledges of KOBELCO Men and Women, the Kobe Steel Group aims to promote the sustainable development of the Group, as well as contribute to society.

Core Values of KOBELCO

Six Pledges of KOBELCO Men and Women

We, the men and women of KOBELCO, in the spirit of honoring Core Values of KOBELCO, make the following Six Pledges:

1. Heightened Sense of Ethics and Professionalism

We not only follow the laws, corporate rules and societal norms, but also conduct our corporate activity in a fair and sound manner with the highest sense of ethics and professionalism.

2. Providing Superior Products and Services

We provide safe, sound and innovative products and services to our customers, and thereby contribute to the well-being and advancement of the society.

3. Establishing a Comfortable but Challenging Work Environment

We provide a safe and comfortable work environment, and we value each employee’s character, personality and diversity, and provide each employee with a challenging work experience so as to allow each employee to use his and her fullest capability.

4. Living in Harmony with Local Community

We make efforts to be a good “corporate citizen” in each local community which serves as the base for our group.

5. Contribution to a Sustainable Environment

We aim to build a richer and more sustainable world, and we conduct environmentally friendly manufacturing and contribute to the betterment of the natural environment through our technologies, products and services.

6. Respect for Each Stakeholder

We respect all of our stakeholders, including customers, business associates, employees and shareholders, as our colleagues and build good and sound relationships with all of them.

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