Suspension of JIS Certifications Lifted at Kobe Steel’s Chofu Works

February 28, 2020

Kobe Steel, Ltd.

We once again deeply apologize for the considerable trouble we have caused to our customers, suppliers, shareholders and many others concerning the misconduct at Kobe Steel, Ltd. and its group companies.

Kobe Steel, Ltd. announces that today the Aluminum Extrusion & Fabrication Plant at Chofu Works has received notification from a JIS certification body that the temporary suspension of JIS certification had been lifted.

The Aluminum Extrusion & Fabrication Plant received notification on December 5, 2017 that its JIS certification had been suspended due to problems found in its quality management system, as a result of an examination conducted by the certification body in relation to the misconduct concerning a portion of the aluminum and copper products made by Kobe Steel.

From now on, the Aluminum Extrusion & Fabrication Plant will be able to supply products displaying the JIS mark. During a transition period, Kobe Steel will switch to delivering products with the JIS mark.

Kobe Steel and its group companies have been steadily implementing recurrence prevention measures to restore the trust of their customers and striving to reacquire JIS certification at their other business locations as well.

The impact of this change on Kobe Steel’s business performance is unclear at this time. Kobe Steel plans to make an announcement when the extent of the impact becomes clear.

Details on the lifting of the temporary suspension

Certificate holder:
Aluminum Extrusion & Fabrication Plant at Chofu Works, Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Certification body:
JIC Quality Assurance Ltd. (JICQA)
Certificate number:
JIS numbers & products:
JIS H4040 aluminium and aluminium alloy rods, bars and wires
JIS H4080 aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded tubes and seamless tubes
JIS H4100 aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded shape
Lifting of the temporary suspension
Release date:
February 28, 2020

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