Kobe Steel adds hydrogen-related technologies to the WIPO GREEN database

December 19, 2023

Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Kobe Steel, Ltd. announces that it has newly uploaded six hydrogen-related technologies, including hydrogen purification, storage, and a hydrogen refueling station as listed below, to the WIPO GREEN*1 online database. These are additions to 13 technologies that the Company registered in February 2023.*2

WIPO GREEN, an environmental technology exchange platform operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), aims to promote the development and diffusion of environmental technologies, connecting providers and seekers of environmentally friendly innovation technologies through its online database and local activities. By registering technologies with WIPO GREEN, we will promote the utilization of technologies and contribute to the realization of a hydrogen society.

The Kobe Steel Group, also known as the Kobelco Group, aims to create new value and contribute to the development of society by promoting sustainability management. Through WIPO GREEN, we will continue to provide society with a wide variety of environmental technologies in diverse business areas and our Group’s unique solutions that integrate technologies from different business fields. By doing so, we will expand the opportunities for the worldwide use of our environmental technologies and contribute to stakeholders who seek for environmentally friendly innovation.

Kobe Steel’s technologies newly registered with WIPO GREEN

No. Division Technologies
1 Technical Development Group Technology for purifying hydrogen by pressure swing absorption (PSA) process using CO selective absorbent
2 Technical Development Group Technology for improving the purity of hydrogen by removing impurities in a hydrogen gas produced by the dehydrogenation of methylcyclohexane (MCH)
3 Technical Development Group Hydrogen purification and storage system
4 Technical Development Group Hydrogen storage process using a metal hydride (hydrogen storage alloy)
5 Technical Development Group Reformer (to produce hydrogen-rich reformed gas)
6 Technical Development Group Hydrogen refueling station using renewable energy

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