Kobenable® Steel expands its use in bridge construction

February 22, 2024

Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Kobenable® Steel will be used in the construction of the New Asakura Bridge*1 ordered by the Kyushu Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. This is the first use case of Kobenable® Steel for bridges. Employed for this construction work is Kobenable® Premier, which reduces 100% of CO2 emissions in steelmaking based on the mass balance method.*2

The bidding was conducted using a comprehensive evaluation bidding method, in which the successful bidder is determined based on a comprehensive evaluation including factors other than price. The bid was awarded to Yokogawa Bridge Corp., for their proposal of using green steel, which aligned with one of the technical requirements of being carbon neutral.

The Kobe Steel Group, also known as the Kobelco Group, will contribute to a green society by making Kobenable® Steel—Japan's first low CO2 blast furnace steel product—widely available in a variety of fields while leveraging its comprehensive strengths in diverse business domains. Going forward, our Group will provide solutions to the needs of society by integrating its diverse businesses, technologies and human resources in a unique way in order to offer value indispensable for its stakeholders on a continual basis.

  • *1 Overview of the construction work

    Construction work:
    Outer superstructure construction work of the New Asakura Bridge on National Route 201 (inbound lane) in Fukuoka Prefecture
    Kagamiyama, Kawara-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka
    (1) Structure:
    New Asakura Bridge (simple steel deck box girder bridge, bridge length: 58.0 m, maximum span length: 56.6 m, bearings: 4 units)
    (2) Erection method:
    Truck crane bent erection method
  • *2 Green steel using the mass balance approach is a steel product that complies with the guidelines established by the Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF). Under this method, steelmakers pool the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) or CO2 emissions reductions resulting from their own reduction projects with additionality (actual emission reductions) implemented within their organizations, allocate these reductions to a certain portion of products and supply them with reduction certificates. Customers who purchase green steel using the mass balance approach can reduce their own Scope 3 emissions.

Artist’s impression of the bridge completed


Photo provided by Yokogawa Bridge Corp.

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