Announcement on organizational changes

March 5, 2024

Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Kobe Steel, Ltd. announces that it will implement the following organizational changes effective April 1.

1. Background and purpose

The Kobe Steel Group, also known as the Kobelco Group, has been promoting sustainability management with the aim of realizing a world in which people, now and in the future, can fulfill their hopes and dreams while enjoying safe, secure, and prosperous lives as stated in the Group Corporate Philosophy. As the global society faces a variety of challenges, we are strengthening our response to climate change and other medium- to long-term issues. As part of our effort, we will implement organizational changes starting in fiscal 2024, aimed at strengthening the Board of Director’s monitoring function as well as the executives’ steering function.

Under the new organization, we will strive to enhance our corporate value over the medium to long term while addressing the needs of society.

2. Strengthening the Board of Directors’ monitoring function

In order to enhance our corporate value, we will continue to strengthen and promote initiatives related to five materiality issues that we have identified, while maintaining flexibility on the executive side.

Along with this, we will strengthen the Board of Directors’ monitoring function by forming Sustainability Management Meetings, comprised of all directors, as a forum to share understanding and exchange opinions with executives, including those from business divisions, broadly and regularly on our Group's major sustainability activities (companywide strategies in areas such as carbon neutrality, human resources, quality, etc.)

3. Strengthening the executives’ steering function

(1) Strengthening the auxiliary bodies to the Executive Council

(2) Strengthening the structure of the head office divisions

  • Note: The Trust Improvement Project, which is a companywide initiative, will be dissolved in an evolving manner. The efforts undertaken by the project, including those to improve quality management, prevent recurrence, and conduct customer satisfaction surveys, will be taken over by the Kobelco TQM Promotion Committee, Next 100 Project, head office divisions, etc. In addition, we will strengthen the monitoring of the efforts to improve quality management through regular reporting at the Sustainability Management Committee.

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