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Chofu Plant achieves zero emissions

February 8, 2006

The Chofu Plant in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, has achieved zero emissions, with a landfill disposal rate of 0.38% for the one-year period covering October 2004 to September 2005.

The Chofu Plant produced about 40,000 metric tons of aluminum extrusions and 62,000 metric tons of rolled copper alloy products in fiscal 2004, ended March 2005. Actively undertaking environmental activities, the Chofu Plant attained ISO 14001 certification in March 2001. It has also been reducing the volume of landfill waste by lowering the moisture content of the waste, as well as promoting waste separation and recycling at eco stations.

Since fiscal 2004, the plant has examined the properties and characteristics of the waste in detail and has expanded the variety of recyclers and areas that can take up the waste. Proposals for recyclable resources and waste separation incorporating feedback from recyclers were also undertaken. These activities enabled the plant to further reduce waste for final disposal.

As a result, the Chofu Plant was able to cut waste for final disposal to 64 metric tons in the October 2004-September 2005 period -- a reduction of 98%. With a landfill disposal rate of 0.38%, the plant achieved zero emissions. In comparison, in fiscal 2000 the plant had 3,300 metric tons of waste for final disposal.

The Chofu Plant also recycled sludge containing copper, tin, aluminum, ceramic waste and plastic waste. This contributed to a considerable reduction in waste treatment costs.

The plant intends to further decrease waste material generated on its premises. In fiscal 2006, Chofu aims to achieve a landfill disposal rate of 0.1%.

Chofu Plant's Zero Emissions Activities

Recycled sludge containing copper, tin, aluminum and ceramic waste as a raw material by changing the treatment method. (resource utilization)

Thoroughly separated waste plastic. Recycled it into cement fuel and pellets.

Worked with intermediary disposal companies to recycle incinerated residue into road bed material.

Increased metal recovery rate of aluminum dross from arc furnaces.

Features Obtained information on waste disposal in Yamaguchi and from recycling companies, resource supply companies, and other companies in the field and promoted improvement activities.
Results Reduced volume for final disposal to 64 metric tons in Oct. 2004-Sept. 2005 period, from 3,300 metric tons in fiscal 2000, a landfill disposal rate of 038%.

Reduced disposal costs, from 90 million yen in fiscal 2003 to 50 million yen (in first half of fiscal 2005).

Local activities Fostered exchanges with related and neighboring companies.

Promoted recycling in cooperation with the local community.