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Kobe Steel publishes factbook and sustainability report online

October 5, 2009

Kobe Steel, Ltd. has published two English publications online. For nearly 20 years, Kobe Steel has published a paper edition of its corporate factbook, "The Kobe Steel Group in Facts & Figures." This year for the first time, the company has published only a digital version on its Web site.

"Placing the factbook online enables corporate information to be available to more stakeholders. They will have easy access wherever they may be in the world," said a Kobe Steel spokesman.

"The Kobe Steel Group in Facts & Figures" contains detailed information on Kobe Steel, covering such areas as corporate data, financial results, business segments and management policies.

Kobe Steel has also put the "Sustainability Report 2009" on its Web site. This publication presents the Kobe Steel Group's achievements in environmental protection and community activities. This year' s edition carries two features on utilizing untapped natural resources. ITmk3®, a new ironmaking technology, and upgraded brown coal (UBC®) hold the promise of contributing to industrial development in resource-rich countries, while helping to protect the environment.

The Sustainability Report introduces products and technologies that lessen the environmental burden, including materials that contribute to automotive lightweighting and high-efficiency compressors. The technologies that support these upper-end products are also introduced.

This publication also reports on CSR, with detailed information on strengthening compliance systems and dealings with customers and business partners. This year' s edition incorporates feedback from stakeholders to provide readers with a more comprehensive and detailed Sustainability Report.

Kobe Steel has published the Sustainability Report, which includes a CSR section, since 2006.

To view "Facts & Figures," please visit:

To view the "Sustainability Report," please visit: