Environmental Accounting

Environment-Related Investments and Results

Kobe Steel, Ltd. invests in the installation and continual maintenance of environmental equipment and pursues environmental measures on a variety of fronts. In fiscal 2020, we invested approximately ¥1.7 billion, primarily to reduce CO2 emissions and prevent water pollution.

Expenses in fiscal 2020 totaled ¥31.9 billion. Moreover, we invested about 28% of total expenses, or roughly ¥9.0 billion, in R&D for technology development, including making automobile weight reduction proposals that combine competitiveness in the raw materials of cutting-edge high-strength steel and aluminum with automotive solution technologies, applying our strengths in steel, aluminum and welding materials.

Of these, we invested approximately ¥4.5 billion as research and development expenses related to climate change.

We will continue to implement measures related to environmental preservation.

Breakdown of Equipment Investment and Expenses (Millions of yen)

(Millions of yen)

Item Equipment investment Expense
Expenses in
business areas
Environmental expenses Air pollution prevention 210 7,610
Water pollution prevention 210 3,940
Resource recycling expenses Waste recycling/ processing,
yield improvement
10 8,950
Climate change-related
Energy-saving investment 1,230
Management activities expenses EMS registration/renewal 40
Environmental impact monitoring/measuring 250
Personnel expenses for environmental measures
R&D expenses Development of eco products and reduction of
environmental impact of manufacturing processes
Of which, R&D related to climate change 4,510
Social activities expenses Environmental organization support, advertising 10
Other expenses Assessments on pollution load 300
Total 1,660 31,900

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