Tax Risk and Compliance

Tax Policy

Basic Policy

The KOBELCO Group recognizes that corporate value includes not only business results and technological capabilities but also its stance on social responsibility to all stakeholders who may be affected by its business activities, such as shareholders and investors, customers, business partners, community members, and employees of the KOBELCO Group. We will work to enhance our tax governance and contribute to the development of society by fulfilling our tax obligations.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Our Group complies with the tax laws of each country in which it conducts business, international taxation rules, and other regulations, and pays an appropriate amount of taxes for its business activities in an appropriate place of tax payment.

Addressing Tax Risks

Our Company will respond appropriately to tax risks, taking into account their materiality and reasonableness. If it is difficult to make a judgment on the interpretation of tax laws or treatment under tax laws, we will consult with external experts or make prior inquiries to the tax authorities as necessary.

We will verify whether transaction prices between our Company and its overseas Group companies are set appropriately in light of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines, etc., and in cases where it is difficult to make a judgment, we will request confirmation from the relevant countries via the transfer pricing pre-confirmation system, etc.

Tax Planning

Our Company will not carry out tax planning solely for the purpose of reducing tax amounts, such as the use of tax havens, which does not involve actual business. However, in conducting our business, we will pursue economic rationality by, for example, using tax incentives that are applicable within the scope of our business activities, taking into full consideration the intent of the tax laws of each country.

Relationship with Tax Authorities

Our Company will communicate with tax authorities to further strengthen the relationship of trust. We will disclose information in response to requests from tax authorities in a cooperative manner.

Tax Governance

To appropriately manage tax risks and fairly pay taxes, our Company is working to disseminate information about tax reforms and to provide tax-related education with the aim of enhancing tax governance.

At the Company, we report important tax matters to the director/executive officer overseeing the Finance and Accounting Department, who is responsible for the Company's tax governance, in a timely and appropriate manner, and take necessary measures under the direction of the director/executive officer

At Group companies, day-to-day tax operations are performed by each company, but they receive support from the Company or from external experts when necessary.

Compliance Data

Taxes Paid by Region (Consolidated cash flow basis)

Taxes paid by region (Consolidated cash flow basis) Unit FY2020 FY2021
Japan Billions of yen 4.3 9.1
Proportion (%) 48 64
Other regions Billions of yen 4.7 5.1
Proportion (%) 52 36
Total Billions of yen 9.0 14.2

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