Health and Productivity Management

Basic Policy (Declaration of Health and Productivity Management)

The KOBELCO Group believes that safety and health are fundamental to its business operations and take priority over all business activities. In accordance with this principle, we are building a vibrant workplace environment in which people can work safely and healthily

Objectives and Management Structure for the Promotion of Health and Productivity Management

Based on the basic policy, we are promoting health and productivity management as an issue of paramount importance to corporate activities of our Company, which embraces a corporate culture that places the highest priority on safety and health, regardless of the social and business environment, recognizing that it contributes to corporate growth and sustainability.

Management Structure

Management Structure

Health and Productivity Management Strategy Map

In order to build a vibrant workplace environment in which people can work safely and healthily, the following strategy map is used for the effective promotion of various measures.

Health and Productivity Management Strategy Map

Main Health and Productivity Management Initiatives

Mental Health

Main Contents
Primary prevention
  • Self-care
  • Awareness through stress checks
  • Mental health education
  • Care by line managers
  • Organizational management (daily communication within the organizational structure)
  • Mental health education
  • Workplace support based on the results of stress checks
  • Assessments classified into quadrants (motivated organization, low-motivation organization, workaholism, burnout) in accordance with the degree of employee engagement and stress, based on the results of stress checks for each department
    Particularly for workplaces that come under “burnout,” industrial physicians, departments responsible for safety and health, and departments responsible for human resources and labor relations strive to understand the situation and engage in improvements.
    (External consultants may be called, as necessary)
Secondary prevention
  • Regular opening of consultation desks (“ask me anything” sessions) staffed by industrial counsellors
  • Support provided by industrial health staff assigned to business sites (industrial physicians, nurses, and industrial counsellors)
Tertiary prevention
  • Support for returning to the workplace provided by industrial health staff assigned to business sites and departments responsible for human resources and labor relations
  • Support by a psychiatric consulting doctor

Physical Health (In cooperation with health insurance association)

Main Contents
Enhancing health checkups/prevention of
progression to serious illness
  • Use of blood tests and endoscopic checkups.
    Treatment for individuals infected with Helicobacter pylori.
  • Checkups at health screening clinics for employees reaching the age of 50 or 60 as well as their spouses
  • Initiatives to prevent progression to serious illness for individuals at high risk (selected in accordance with the Company’s criteria from among those considered to be high risk due to blood pressure or blood sugar levels)
Support for exercise
habits and so on
  • As part of our efforts to address lack of exercise, videos of easy stretching and back pain prevention exercises are posted on the corporate intranet.
  • At some business locations, we assess physical fitness age by measuring physical fitness (body composition, forward bends, standing on one leg with eyes closed, reflex measurements, etc.)
  • Education on exercise habits and other matters using the health insurance “Pep Up” system for supporting health promotion
Support for smoking
  • Support for smoking cessation provided by industrial health staff utilizing nicotine patch treatment. (Subsidies for health insurance costs available.)
  • Dissemination of educational materials on smoking cessation created in cooperation with the Kobe Steel health insurance association (through posting on the corporate intranet, etc.)
Support for better sleep
  • Improved the stress check questionnaire by adding sleep-related items. Confirmation and follow-ups of individuals in question by industrial physician.
  • Creation and dissemination of educational materials on sleep (video)
  • Formulation and dissemination of sleep-related materials under the supervision of consulting doctor

Health-Related Data

  Target Value Fiscal 2020 Results Fiscal 2021 Results
Examination rate of stress checks 100% 95.6% 96.0%
Percentage of individuals at high risk of illness 1.0%1 1.9% 2.1%
Percentage of individuals registered with Pep Up 100% 86.4%2
Smoking rate 29.0%3 32.2% 28.9%
Percentage of individuals obtaining sufficient rest from sleep 70%以上 65.0% 65.8%
Percentage of individuals taking leave of absence due to poor mental health4 1.2% 1.2%
Job satisfaction 51.4% 50.7%
Work engagement 49.3% 48.6%

1: Reduction of 50% compared to the fiscal 2019 level by fiscal 2023

2: As of April 6, 2022

3: Reduction of 3% compared to the 2019 level by fiscal 2023

4: Percentage for the most recent three years

Collaborations and Initiatives with Local Communities

As a member of the health and productivity management subcommittee of Kobe City’s “Health Creation City Kobe,” the Company is participating in the following three fields in accordance with the subcommittee operating policy

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