Corporate Social Responsibility

Basic Environmental Management Policy

Basic Environmental Management Policy

Stakeholder Engagement

The Kobe Steel Group aims to deepen its bonds of trust with all stakeholders by proactively and properly disclosing information, engaging in two-way communication, and conducting corporate activities in accordance with the Core Values of KOBELCO and the Six Pledges of KOBELCO Men and Women.

  • Customers and Partners
    We aim to meet the expectations and gain the trust of our customers and partners by providing unparalleled products, technologies, and services.
  • Shareholders and Investors
    We make every effort to create healthy and constructive relationships by aiming to enhance management transparency and increase the corporate value of the entire Group.
  • Employees
    Recognizing that people are our greatest asset, we strive to create work environments where diverse personnel can exercise their abilities to their fullest.
  • Local Communities in Japan
    As a good corporate citizen that contributes to local communities, our business locations in each region will continue to support activities that help preserve the natural environment and engage positively with regional society.
  • Local Communities Overseas
    We aim to contribute to the development of local communities as a company that operates in these countries, while respecting their local culture and customs.
  • Initiatives for Respecting Human Rights
    In our stratified companywide training for managers and new employees, we conduct training on the importance of creating sound working environments that are free from discrimination and encourage respect for human rights in the course of our corporate activities. The training includes the dissemination of the Corporate Ethical Principles and Standards of Corporate Conduct.
  • Additionally, we familiarize employees with the Guidelines for Employee Conduct, encourage employees to respect human rights when conducting themselves, raise awareness of human rights through training at our various business locations, and strive to prevent human rights issues before they occur.
  • Initiatives to Prevent Harassment
    To create a work environment where it is difficult for harassment to occur and to provide an early resolution when it does occur, we provide education and training as well as e-learning for managers and raise awareness by distributing compliance manuals such as the Manual to Prevent Sexual Harassment. We have also established a point of contact for sexual harassment consultation with trained staff in charge.
  • Corporate Ethics and Compliance

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