CSR Promotion System

At the Kobe Steel Group, we consider our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) to be an important component of Group management and have adopted a Corporate Code of Ethics based on our Group Corporate Philosophy.

The Corporate Code of Ethics is composed of specific guidelines in the form of our Corporate Ethical Principles, Standards of Corporate Conduct, and Implementation Guidelines. It sets the standard that serves as the basis for fulfilling our CSR, including contributing to the environment, building connections with stakeholders, and coexisting in harmony with local communities.

At the Kobe Steel Group, we are determined to contribute to the environment and society as a manufacturer by adhering to our Corporate Ethical Principles and Standards of Corporate Conduct in all our business activities.

We have established the following promotion structure centered on our CSR Committee, to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR).

CSR Promotion System

In 2006, we established a CSR Committee that is in charge of determining basic policies related to corporate social responsibility and providing centralized implementation.

To facilitate discussion, make proposals and conduct follow-up verification related to important issues, we have also established a Compliance Committee to advise the Board of Directors.

The CSR Committee compiles information concerning CSR activities and publishes it each year in the form of the Kobe Steel Group Sustainability Report.

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