Framework for Sustainability Management

Promotion of Sustainability Management Based on the Group Corporate Philosophy

The KOBELCO Group promotes sustainability management based on the Group Corporate Philosophy by addressing key management issues that are classified into two categories: a business foundation area that underpins business activities, and a value creation area that drives business growth. We will pursue sustainable growth and the medium- to long-term enhancement of our corporate value to realize a world envisioned in KOBELCO’s View of the Future as we carry out KOBELCO’s Mission.

Key Issues to Address

Framework for Promoting Sustainability Management

In promoting sustainability management, priority issues are addressed through a management cycle that centers on the Sustainability Management Committee, an auxiliary body to the Executive Council. While proactively disclosing information and utilizing promotion tools, such as ESG external assessments and the SDGs, we have put into place a system that allows the Board of Directors to monitor sustainability management.

The Sustainability Management Committee’s Structure and Functions

Chair (person in charge):
Hajime Nagara, Director, Executive Officer
Report to the Board of Directors:
Once every quarter
Once every quarter
1.Identify sustainability-related issues of the Group
2.Create the schedule for sustainability promotion activities
3.Advise on the Group's Medium-Term Management Plan
4.Monitor and advise on the Group’s sustainability promotion activities
5.Announce information on the initiatives that the Company supports and promote      relevant activities
6.Take responses to external assessments on ESG

Sustainability Management Committee in the Organizational Chart

Organizational Relationship of the Sustainability Management Committee

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