Promoting Sustainability Management

For the Kobe Steel Group, sustainability management goes beyond compliance with external regulations, systems, and standards to also encompass the development of business that helps resolve social issues and ensure the sustainability of social capital that supports our business. Sustainability management is an initiative that is absolutely essential for the continuity and development of the Group.

The Group strives to provide technologies, products, and services that help reduce environmental impact, such as reducing the weight of vehicles and conserving energy, in addition to taking action to preserve the environment and other CSR activities. To further advance sustainability management, Kobe Steel revised its systems in 2019.

Under this new structure, the Company is moving forward on identifying materiality and creating a new road map for sustainability management in the next medium-term management plan.

Our Approach to Sustainability Management

The CSR Committee’s Structure and Functions

Chair (person in charge):
Yoshihiko Katsukawa, Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer
Once every quarter
Create and follow up on master schedule for CSR activities Promote and monitor subcommittees and Group CSR activities Assess the Company’s CSR (ESG) and identify issues Examine and advise on the Group’s Medium-Term Management Plan and annual CSR action plans Disseminate information inside and outside the company

Position and Scope of the CSR Committee

Our Approach to Sustainability Management

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