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Main Products


Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

  • Pure - sheets, strips, plates, tubes, rods, shapes
  • Corrosion resistant - sheets, strips, plates, tubes, rods, shapes
  • High strength - sheets, strips, plates, tubes, rods, shapes

High Precision Aluminum Plate

Aluminum secondary products

Aluminum fabricated products

  • Construction materials/ noise absorbing Damp-Shape panels, sound absorbing panel for trench-shapped road, aluminum truss
  • Electronics and OA equipment/ copy drums, VTR drums
  • Automobile parts/ bumper beam, structures, interior parts
  • LCD&Semi-conductor manufacturing equipment parts/ chamber, electrode
  • Various heat exchanger parts/ ice making shelf coil, Heating shelf, vaporizer
  • Others/ vapor sealed deck, ship building scaffolding

Aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy castings and forgings

  • Sand mold castings
  • Mold Castings
  • Low pressure die castings
  • High pressure die castings
  • Mold stamped forgings
  • Free forgings
  • Lost wax castings


Copper and copper alloys

Copper secondary products

  • High performance deformed conductivity pipes/ inner grooved copper tubes for air conditioners, general heat exchanger copper tubes
  • Various covered copper piping tubes
  • Tinning copper and brass rods

Copper fabricated products

  • Lead frames

Note: Not all products are available for overseas markets.