Kobe Steel to revise prices of aluminum products

May 23, 2023

Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Kobe Steel, Ltd. announces that it has decided to propose to its customers price revisions for its aluminum products, which include aluminum flat rolled products, extrusions, and castings & forgings.

In 2021, Kobe Steel made an announcement on the price revisions for its aluminum products due to additional costs incurred, along with rising electricity and other energy prices, soaring costs for packaging and other secondary materials, and increased transportation costs. Since then, the Company has proceeded with the price revisions with the understanding of its customers. However, the global situation continues to be uncertain with the rapid depreciation of the yen and the rising prices of purchased goods, transportation costs, etc.

Under these circumstances, we have worked earnestly to control costs through our own efforts so that we deliver high-quality products that satisfy our customers in a timely and stable manner on a continuous basis. Despite such efforts, we have not been able to make up for the recent increase in costs and have decided to implement further price revisions for aluminum products. We will continue to explain the background of the revisions to our customers in order to gain their understanding.

Overview of price revisions

Scope of products:
All aluminum products (aluminum flat rolled products, extrusions, and castings & forgings)
Range of revision:
20% or higher increase of the current roll margin
Effective date:
From the first half of fiscal 2023

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