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Kobe Steel releases Sustainability Report 2012

August 31, 2012

Kobe Steel, Ltd. released today its English edition of the Sustainability Report 2012. In this publication, Kobe Steel strives to communicate its environmental and social contributions to its numerous stakeholders as it evolves into a global enterprise.

This year's feature is "Contributing to Society through Monozukuri." The feature looks at how Kobe Steel's monozukuri, or manufacturing expertise, is used in disaster prevention and disaster recovery support. Energy is another theme being pursued. Kobe Steel is exploring ways to utilize unused energy for power and gas generation.

The Environmental Report section gives a close-up on activities of the KOBELCO Environment Creation Fund. In this initiative, Kobe Steel is working on becoming more involved in nature and the environment.

In the Social Report section, Kobe Steel introduces its social contribution activities in Japan and overseas. Photos, graphs, stakeholders’ comments, and other information have been actively posted online.

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