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Technical Center - IP Section

The Technical Center at Takasago Works, through CIP/HIP testing, helps customers develop their own equipment and processing technologies for smooth start-up of the production line.

Technical Center

Technical Center

CIP・HIP Services

CIP・HIP Services

Meeting Customer Demands via the Test Center

The Technical Center specializes in meeting a wide variety of customer demands.

  • Verification of HIP/CIP effectiveness
  • Optimization of process temperature and pressure
  • Pre-delivery test production
  • Temporary production during equipment downtime (i.e. inspection, improvements)
  • Operator training

After installation, a specialist service group ensures safe and stable operation of your ultrahigh pressure equipment.

For details on ultrahigh pressure equipment services, see the link below:

Specifications of KOBELCO's CIP/HIP Equipment and High Pressure Food Processor (HPP) Equipment

Through in-house HIP/CIP equipment and cooperation with immediate delivery users, we support a wide range of IP processing.

High Pressure Food Processor (HPP) Equipment

Type Maximum Pressure (MPa) Capacity (ℓ) Note
FF6005 600 50
Dr. CHEF 700 0.6 -20℃ to 80℃

CIP Equipment

No. Dimensions of Pressure Vessel
Maximum Pressure
Diameter Height
1 300 900 490(5000) Wet Bag Type
2 80 300 392(4000) Dry Bag Type
3 60 200 686(7000) WIP(-20°C to 80°C)
4 60 180 980(10000) WIP(RT to 150°C)

HIP Equipment

No. Heater Type Dimensions of
Pressure Vessel
Maximum Temperature
Maximum Pressure
Pressure Medium
Diameter Height
1 Gr(Graphite) 115 240 2000 196
Ar, N2
Mo(Molybdenum) 115 280 1500 Ar
Pt(Platinum) 90 200 1400 Ar, N2,
2 Gr(Graphite) 180 500 2000 196
Ar, N2
150 280 2400
Mo(Molybdenum) 230 650 1400 Ar

HIP Preprocessing Equipment

No. Dimensions of Capsule Capsule Material Deaeration Temperature
(Dr. Capsule)
D34mm X H50mm Soft Steel, Stainless Steel max
2 W400mm X D400mm X H10mm
Capsule Thickness:
50 to 200μm
Soft Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium Room Temperature


We welcome your questions about our ultra high pressure equipment and high temperature, high pressure technologies.

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