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Nonstandard compressors

Nonstandard compressors

A compressor is a device that increases the pressure of air or gas by reducing its volume. As the compressed air or gas can easily be utilized to power machinery and devices, compressors are essential in industry.

“Compressed air” is a term that may be unfamiliar to the layman, but 20 to 30 percent of the electricity used in industry is generated by compressed air. Compressed air is used to run dental equipment and blow away grass and dirt from golf shoes. Buildings use compressors in their air conditioning systems, and compressed air is often used as a power source in factories.

KOBELCO was the first in Japan to manufacture compressors. From everyday devices to large energy plants, we supply compressors to a wide variety of fields.

SteamStar compact steam-powered generator

SteamStar compact
steam-powered generator

There are three major types of compressors. Centrifugal compressors use impellers, reciprocating compressors use pistons, and screw compressors use rotors to compress air or gas. KOBELCO makes all three and is the only company in the world to do so.

KOBELCO is especially strong in screw compressors. As they turn, helical rotors gradually compress the air or gas. For stable operation at high temperature and high pressure, an unbelievable degree of precision is required. Unless the rotors mesh precisely at the micron level, continuous compression is impossible. Expansion of the rotors under high temperature must also be taken into consideration in compressor design. KOBELCO’s simulation technology, in which it also excels, contributes to the high performance of its compressors.