Quality Charter

Quality Charter

The KOBELCO Group will comply with all laws, public standards, and customer specifications, and make continuous efforts to improve quality, with the goal of providing Trusted Quality in our products and services.

In October 2017, we announced that misconduct affecting product quality had occurred at a number of our divisions. This misconduct caused problems for and had a substantial impact on society particularly our customers. Learning a lesson from this incident, we have adopted the Quality Charter. Its purpose is to elucidate our views on quality, which underlies the Core Values of KOBELCO, our company philosophy, and the Pledges of KOBELCO, our code of ethics. The Quality Charter declares those views to a wide range of our stakeholders and engraves them on the hearts of all of our Group’s employees as shared values.

Quality is not something that can be created by a single department. We have a heightened awareness that quality is achievable only when all of the divisions in the company pull together, and we will review and reinforce our efforts towards quality.

Safety and health, as well as environmental preservation and disaster prevention, always come first. Quality takes priority over everything else when products and services are provided to our customers. When considering quality, delivery deadlines, and costs of products and services, a company must, in principle, act to satisfy all of them. When the balance among the three is not feasible, however, we will give the highest priority to quality because delivery deadlines and costs by no means take precedence over quality.

The Quality Assurance Department will always be aware, and act on the recognition, that it is the linchpin of the company’s commitment to preventing nonconforming products from being delivered to our customers regardless of the circumstances.

The KOBELCO Group will continue to work tirelessly to improve quality. All employees will strive to improve themselves and explore what they can do to deliver the highest customer satisfaction.

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