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High Pressure Use of ALEX

High Pressure Use of ALEX



In order to supply ALEX for gas processing plants, we established ALEX for high pressure use by developing a high efficiency fin, thick press type header and large diameter seamless nozzle. The proof test and cyclic test using an actual size core verifies the safety of this product.

Construction analysis is conducted using 3D FEM (Finite Element Method), a method established by measuring the stress of the actual size core. Therefore we are not only able to do steady state construction analysis, but also unsteady state construction analysis.


  • ALEX is more efficient and compact than shell & tube type heat exchanger.
  • ALEX can withstand up to 13 MPa.
    (If you require over 13 MPa, please us know. Kobe Steel is developing higher pressure and higher efficiency ALEX.)
  • ALEX can withstand over 100,000 times of cyclic stress in the range of 10 MPa.
  • Structural analysis with high accuracy corrected by measurement can be applied to any model.